Online Roulette

Roulette games have been a popular attraction since the Renaissance and casino roulette has continued to capture the attention of gamblers at all the major casino destinations, including Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau. With the dawn of online casino games, those players can save their travel expenses and play roulette online.  From “play money” games to high-stakes spins, the growth of roulette online has been remarkable. The Gambling Planet Guide to Online Roulette will take you through a typical roulette game. Our guide will teach you how to play roulette online – give you a brief discussion of online roulette rules, and offer tips on how to find the best online roulette games.  The guide also has listings to the best roulette casinos for you to get started playing right away.


How to Play Online Roulette

The layout at an online roulette table closely resembles the games found in in brick-and-mortar casinos.  

A wheel with numbered slots sits at one end of the table, while the rest of the tabletop displays the numbers as well as a variety of bets.  

A white ball spins around the wheel and eventually falls into one of the numbered pocket.  If the number or color on which the player bets matches the pocket with the ball, the player wins his bet.

Roulette games offer a wide range of bets with a diverse selection and variety of payout levels.  Many players stick with the basic online roulette bets, while others prefer to play their “lucky numbers”.  

Either way, you’ll have a lot of fun playing roulette online at the best online casinos.

Online Roulette Rules

The rules of online roulette follow those found in casino roulette games.  You can either place an “inside bet” or an “outside bet”.

An “inside bet” is a bet placed inside the numbered grid on a roulette game table.  There you can choose to bet on a single number or a group of numbers.  Online roulette games allow players to place their chips on the grid according to how many numbers they want to play.

An “outside bet” is a bet placed – you might have guessed it already – outside the numbered grid.  

You can place outside bets based on whether the pocket the ball rests in will be red or black, even- or odd-numbered, high or low, or in a group of twelve.

The odds of winning an outside bet in online roulette are better than those of winning an inside bet, but the payouts are lower.

Online Roulette Strategy

The most important aspect of roulette strategy starts before the player places a bet.  

Casino roulette games often employ two types of wheels: European and American.  Each wheel has the numbers one through thirty-six.  The difference is that the European roulette wheel has a single zero (0), while the American roulette wheel has a single zero and a double zero (00).

The European roulette wheel offers the players better odds and a lower house advantage.  

Most land-based casino roulette games only offer the European wheel to high-stakes players.  

Many online casinos offer both European and American roulette games, so take the European wheel if you have an adequate bankroll for the game.

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Online Roulette Tips

If this is your first time to play roulette online, you should consider sticking with the “outside bets” to start.  Outside bets are much easier to understand and the chance of winning is higher than on inside bets (but the payoff is smaller.)  

The Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low bets all pay even money (1 to 1) when they win.  

With nearly half the wheel offering the player a chance to win, you’ll double your money nearly half the time.

Many online roulette games display the results of previous spins.  Keep in mind that previous results have no bearing whatsoever on the result of the next spin.  

Any “system” that promises to analyze the trends of previous online roulette spins is a waste of time.

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