Free Casino Games - Play Without Spending a Dollar 2024

Most reputable sites (and certainly our recommended casinos) permit you practice their games for free before playing for money a download version of no-download game. Check out our best online casino below to play on their free games. 

Free Casino Games:

  • Give you a chance to learn how to play the games;
  • Allow you to practice strategies completely free of charge;
  • Are available at all online casinos;
  • Grant you the comfort of learning how to place bets without losing all your money!

Playing at Online Casinos vs. Land-based Casinos

free casino gamesWe all know that when you step foot in a traditional brick and mortar casino you need to put your hands in your pocket or bag, take out your wallet, and fork out money for every game you play, and typically also for parking and food as well. In fact, there is no use in going to a casino at all unless you plan on spending some money to place bets. The bets, at the end of the day, are what make each game you play fun and exciting and provide the entertainment for your time at the casino.

Even though playing at a brick and mortar casino is a really fun night out, if you are a little rusty at some of the games or want to try new games you have never played before, there is really no opportunity to try the game out and practice without putting money on the table and placing bets. This is where online casinos have a massive advantage over land-based casinos. In the world of online casinos you can have a go at practicing free casino games at almost all online casinos and give each game a try before investing your money on games you hardly know how to play.

Advantages of Playing Free Casino Games

Most reputable sites allow you to download their software and start out on any number of games playing for free (and for this, you usually don't even need to register and/or provide personal information) or even for nothing more than pennies and small change.

Taking advantage of this opportunity is important for several reasons:

  • This helps you to familiarize yourself with the software of that particular site
  • This allows you the time, without the pressure from other players or money, to really understand the rules and terminology of the particular game you're playing
  • This provides the opportunity to try out several different games and decide which one may become your favorite or the one you seem to have the most success with
  • This offers an occasion for the practice every good casino gamer needs before successfully embarking on his/her gambling experience.

Once again, it can't be stressed enough how important it is to take advantage of this opportunity to play for free. Think of it as your own personal "training period" where you learn through trial and error and through practice. Also, don't forget, once you've started playing with and for real money, this doesn't preclude you from returning to the "no money" areas to bone up on certain skill areas and/or try out and learn new games.

Aside from the fun involved, playing for free is probably one the best aspects of online casinos vs. their land-based counterparts. There's really no excuse not to take full advantage of such an opportunity!

Free Casino Bonus Games

free casino games bonusesContinuing along this theme of 'no money play', it's also worth mentioning that many online casino offer free online casino bonuses which also allow players to play 'for free' to a certain extent. On top of that, many online casinos - and several who have provided special deals to GamblingPlanet users - offer 'no deposit required' free bonuses (click here for a list of such offers) which not only give you the chance to play for free, but also to win REAL money. As with the opportunities mentioned above, any chance you have to hone your skills without dropping loads of cash should not only be pursued, but considered necessary.

Play Free Casino Games

This is one of the most crucial things you can do to assure to get a good start in your gambling career. We really can't repeat this enough. Think of it as another type of gambling school only, instead of lessons, you learn through trial and error and practice. If you heed the advice of only one lesson from these pages, you could choose much worse than this one.

Free Casino Games Roulette

There has been an increase in interest in free online roulette in recent years. It’s an exciting fun game to play, and although there is little strategy involved or rules to learn, you still have to have a go at placing your bets on the various outcomes of the spinning wheel and seeing how the game works completely free of charge.

Free Casino Games Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game while, although simple, still requires a little bit of a learning curve. Before you play free baccarat at your favorite online casino, read up on the baccarat rules and baccarat strategy, have a go at practicing for free, then start playing for money!

Free Casino Blackjack Games Online

Any online casino worth its salt will have at least one free blackjack game, and some will have a couple of free blackjack variations. If you want to brush up or learn the blackjack rules or blackjack strategy read through our articles. If you are a complete newbie and know absolutely nothing about Blackjack, then read the Blackjack Guide before playing.

Free Casino Games Craps

This game can seem very complicated to someone unfamiliar with the game. So many bets, so many people, it can get very confusing as an outsider. Read all about online craps before practicing craps for free at your favorite online casino. If you already know the basics, the read up on how to play craps online, or craps strategy to learn some more in-depth tips!

Free Casino Slots Games

Practically every online casino will have one, or a couple, of free online slots  games to play. However there isn’t much to a free slots game when you aren’t placing bets or winning money when the symbols line up! Click on one of online casinos featured above to practice free online slots or start playing for money.

Free Casino Games Video Poker

There are different variations of online video poker, the most popular version being Jacks or Better. It’s precisely this variation which you will most often see as a free game offering at online casinos. If you don’t know much about video poker but want to, or you need a refresher, read our online Video Poker guide.

Free Pai-Gow Poker

Although online Pai-gow poker isn’t the most popular of all the online casino games, many online casino providers will still have an option to try out this game for free. If you want to have a go at this game without spending any money, then try out the free game at the online casino you’re playing at.

Play Your Favorite Online Free Casino Games!

As we've stated before, and it's worth repeating, playing for free before using real money is one of the most crucial things you can (and must!) do to assure that your gambling experience is ultimately more enjoyable and ultimately, successful.