Online Scratch Cards 2023

Online Scratch Cards have become a popular option for people who want to play games of chance without spending lots of time studying strategy. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind before you start playing. Below we provide a guide to online Scratch Cards which delves into its simple rules, the strategy you can use while playing the game and the best online casino sites to play at. 

Our Online Scratch Card Reviews for Casinos Online

online scratch cardsPlaying online Scratch Cards provides you with an easy and fun way to spend your free time and land a big win. However, you should always be careful to choose a legitimate gambling site. Most of the sites that you find via an Internet search will play fairly and pay you the money that you win. There might be a few, though, that run scams from foreign countries where U.S. laws do not regulate them. So keep your eyes peeled for any irregularities you see.

As always, all sites recommended here at Gambling Planet are trusted and fair. And by choosing one of them, you can expect to receive prompt and accurate payouts. If you look for a fast, easy game where you decide what to wager and, potentially, what to win, online scratch cards might be your thing.

Why play Scratch Cards online?

  • Scratch cards require very little effort to play;
  • These games tend to be low cost; 
  • You can play Scratch Cards for free and for real money;
  • The result is dependent on what’s underneath.

Scratch Cards Online & Offline – What’s the Difference?

Online Scratch Cards and those that are offered at lotto stands offer gamblers an instant form of entertainment. Generally speaking, the games tend to be low cost both online as well as offline meaning that you won’t have to invest in money to play one of the games offered. Basically, the goal of the game is to scratch designated areas of the card to reveal symbols and win a prize. It’s literally dead simple.

Online Scratch Cards Come in Various Themes

Online Scratch Cards come in an array of different themes and even have background music to offer you a more interesting and interactive experience. Themes range from TV and movie ones to fruit-themed ones and many more.

Betting on Online Scratch Card Games

The only difference between online Scratch Cards and the ones you buy at the store is that online casinos often give you the chance to place your own bet. Since you get to determine the value of the card, you have more control over how much money you could win. After you’ve placed your bet, you simply scratch the card to see if you have won.

How to Play Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards are easy to play, but our casino experts at Gambling Planet still think you need a short introduction to them. These online games work in almost the exact same way as lottery scratch-and-win tickets. On heading to an online casino, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose a game and then “scratch” the cards with your mouse cursor to see what symbol is hidden underneath. In the lion’s share of online Scratch Card games, you’ll either have to scratch all the areas on the card or simply a few areas of it. Typically, each game will have its own set of rules that can be read by ticking the information icon. So be sure to read them prior to signing up.

Scratch Cards Strategy – Is there a strategy involved in playing?

As with any casino game known to man, there are plenty of players who opt to try to find a loophole in the system to generate a life-changing win. And it’s definitely no different with Scratch Cards. In fact, over the course of their existence, there have been multiple attempts by players to calculate the odds of winning by taking the prize money into the account as well as how many Scratch Cards have been sold too. The odds of winning at Scratch Cards are quite slim. Generally, the odds depend on the game you choose to play. Typically, we’d say that the odds of winning a prize are about 1:5 on average. Below we list a few strategy tips you can use when playing the games.

Quick Scratch Cards Strategy tips:

  • Buy Scratch Cards intelligently;
  • Check the small print on the scratch card;
  • Set a budget and stick to it; 
  • Play more than one game at a time.

Practice by Playing Our Online Scratch Cards Free Game

The thrill of playing real money online casino games is one like no other. However, gambling for money requires you to know two things: the rules and how to manage your money in such a way that you’ll be able to come out on top. Provided that you’d like to play Free Scratch Cards, we highly urge you to try out our free casino game that’s available to play right here at Gambling Planet. Our free casino game will allow you to gamble using the free play money. So the best news is that you won’t have to spend a dime on playing your game of choice.

Scratch Card History

scratch cards onlineWhile Scratch Cards haven’t been around for as long as games like Roulette and Blackjack, they still definitely have a captivating history of their own which sheds light on how it came about in the first place and why it’s so popular. The revolutionary concept of Scratch Cards came about in the 1970s when several American computer scientists invented the game. The premise of the game was to provide ‘instant gratification’.

During the mid-70s, one of the first scratch-off lottery tickets were launched by the State Lottery in Massachusetts. It was called Instant Game. As the game began to gain popularity, several national and state lottos were quick to jump onto the bandwagon and shortly began to offer their very own version of the game. And in 1987, a company called AstroMed Inc. which was based in Rhode Island patented the game.

Ever since then, Scratch Cards have been used as a form of advertising by federal associations, charities and more. The fact that they provide players with instant gratification meant that they appealed to broad audiences across the globe. Fast forward to the 20th century and traditional Scratch Cards are still popular. However, they are definitely not as widely played as their virtual counterparts that can be found to play for real money online. Today players can simply log on to the internet to find Scratch Card games to enjoy playing in the dozens. And what’s absolutely amazing about them is that they come in a wider variety of themes and are even interactive!

Online Scratch Cards FAQs

Can you play Scratch Cards online?

Yes, you can. The majority of online gambling sites nowadays all have an array of scratch card games to play which come in a range of different themes.

Where can I find the best Scratch Cards online to play at casinos online?

You can find the best online Scratch Cards at the online casinos we’ve listed above in our toplist. Each one of them has its own array of online Scratch Card games which come in several themes.

How much do online Scratch Cards generally cost?

Online Scratch Cards are not expensive to play. Usually, they’ll cost you anything from $1 to $5. You can choose to play one card or as many as you’d like.

Which are the best online Scratch Cards to play?

One of the most popular scratch card sites today is Jackpot Scratch. There you can try the game for free, and if you like the action, get a sizable bonus for signing up and making a first real-money deposit. Jackpot Scratch also has some of the biggest jackpots in the industry, so if you get really lucky, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

Are there any free online Scratch Cards win real money no deposit?

Yes, there are free online scratch cards which can be played for real money on claiming a no deposit bonus. If you’d like to find one which offers these types of games, we highly urge you to head to a No Deposit Bonus Casinos guide.

Where can I buy online Scratch Cards?

Online Scratch cards can be bought at the various online casinos on the web which offers them. At Gambling Planet, we’ve tailored our online casino reviews to all you players who are seeking to play Scratch Cards online. Each casino you’ll find in our list features an array of Scratch Card games for you to play.

Does anyone win online Scratch Cards?

Yes, there have been plenty of people who’ve won prizes by scratching away at online Scratch Cards. The biggest win that was ever recorded was £4 million which was won by Ross Hearst.

Are online Scratch Cards rigged?

No, online Scratch Cards are not rigged. However, the odds of winning a large sum of cash is very low. So before playing strategy cards, please bear in mind that you’ll be playing a game of luck where you can't twist the odds in your favor.

Are there any Scratch Card tournaments to play in?

Although not many people know about Scratch Card tournaments, they do in fact exist. However, you'll only find them at a few select online casinos out there on the web. 

How can I cash out my winnings for online Scratch Cards?

In order to cash out your winnings for online Scratch Cards, you’ll need to use one of the online casino payment options available.

Play Online Scratch Cards at Casinos Online Today!

There’s just something about Scratch Cards which makes them super fun to play. While casino games like online Poker and online Blackjack require a lot of skill, there are many online casino games out there which are much easier to play and can offer you huge returns too. And Scratch Cards is one such game that’s easy to play and which offers players phenomenal returns. If you’d like to play Scratch Cards for real money, we highly urge you to read through a few of our online casino reviews to find the best online casino that offers Scratch Cards for real money.