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For your added convenience, the Gambling Planet team has compiled the list below featuring the most popular online casino games played today at the leading casinos. For more in-depth information on any particular game - including its respective rules, strategies, probabilities, and history etc., simply click on the name of that casino game to learn all you need to know to commence playing with confidence.

The World's Favourite Online Casino Games

Below we list the most popular games offered in online casinos.For more information about a game – perhaps you want to learn the rules and strategy or just want to find a site with good game selection in your preferred game – click to that particular game section.


Incredibly easy to learn as well as play, wildly popular, and requiring very few player decisions, the classic casino game of Baccarat ranks way up there with the other chart-toppers. As famous as ever, and just as exciting to play, you simply place your bets and watch the action play out before your eyes.

Oh, and playing online from the casual comfort of your home means 'no jacket required.' But, of course, you're free to sport one if you're really bent on that whole Baccarat experience.

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No doubt about it, Backgammon has indeed undergone a massive surge in popularity ever since it was made available to players at online casinos. In no time at all, this long-time universal favourite has established itself as a regular fixture on the online casino games scene.

If you have ever played backgammon before, but not yet online, we can assure you; you're in for a wonderful surprise.

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So you've heard about all the Bingo action happening on the net and want to get some, huh? Well, you've certainly come to the right place.

From remote church halls to the World Wide Web, Bingo has arrived online and BIG TIME!

Even the most practiced Bingo enthusiasts will love the broad range of new options now available at online casinos including Free Bingo games, winning strategies, tips, prizes, prizes and more prizes.

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Easily one of the most beloved casino games the gambling world has ever known, online Blackjack - or '21' - as it is also affectionately referred to, is not to be missed.

This mother of all classic card games also ranks as one of the few betting games where you, the player, actually enjoy a 'reasonable' amount of control over the results, in addition to a lower house edge, though the house still maintains the edge, of course.

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Caribbean Stud Poker

Love Poker but looking for a new twist? Caribbean Stud Poker may just be the game for you. If you have ever gambled in a traditional land casino, or had the luxury of sailing on a cruise liner, you've probably caught a glimpse of this interesting Poker variation.

Like Blackjack, it's just you against the dealer. Caribbean Poker is also a no-brainer to learn, and can be played with zero risk wherever free online casino games are offered.

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Casino games simply don't get any better than Craps. The source of all that ecstatic shouting you may have heard in Vegas-like casinos, today this classic game is more popular than ever now that it can be played over the internet for real cold, hard cash. Or, if you prefer, you can try your luck at Craps where free casino games online are offered.

High rollers and not-so-high rollers are all definitely in for more Craps action than they ever thought imaginable. And we're not bluffing.

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Playing Keno is just like playing your local lottery, only tons more fun! The online casino game version of Keno promises endless hours of excitement from the moment you start playing.

A walk in the park to learn, yet offering incredibly large payouts, online Keno can be enjoyed at a comfortable pace, and of course, from the wonderful comfort of your own home.

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Online Poker

Unless you've been under a rock the past 10 years, you're well aware that online Poker has ridden a huge wave of popularity to find itself on TV, in mainstream magazines, and billboards, etc. This absolutely classic game is being played in more and more countries all around the world.

Strategy and probabilities vary depending on your favourite variety. But you're sure to find what you're looking for in Gambling Planet's comprehensive online Poker sub-pages.

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Pai Gow Poker

What makes Pai Gow so much fun to play is that you are free to combine both skill and luck in order to boost your chances of coming out a winner. Instead of playing with just one hand, you're playing with two. You then bet on whether those hands are better than the dealer's.

Sound challenging? You bet.

Pai Gow Poker is another one of the online casino games you really ought to take for a test drive, if you haven't already.

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What can we say, Roulette is easily one of the most beloved casino games ever created. But what's even more exciting is the fact that you can now get your Roulette fix anytime you wish. All you need is a computer and enough quality time set aside for, well, fun.

Better make that lots of time because the excitement only gets better with every spin of the wheel. Roulette, incidentally, is also one of the more common risk-free casino games you can help yourself to in Practice Mode, meaning no money required. 

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Anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, or similar hot spots famous for their casino games, is quite familiar with the exciting sights and sounds surrounding these unbelievably popular machines.

Today, millions of fun-seekers all around the world are enjoying their treasured Slots games via the internet. But what's really cool is the fact that today's online casinos are constantly coming up with new and refreshing twists to this all-time classic game.

Plus, it's no secret that the jackpots are often considerably larger when winning at Online Slots.

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Video Poker

Video Poker, or Draw Poker, as it is also sometimes called, allows you to bet anywhere from 25 cents to $5 per hand. What also makes this marvelous game so inviting is that you can play it without the intimidation and tactics typically linked with standard Poker.

Chances are you've heard all about the joys of playing online Video Poker. Now's your chance to get in on the Video Poker action as well. Plus, like many of the more popular classics, Video Poker is also one of the more sought-after free casino games online.

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