No Download Casinos

Casinos Without Download – Java Applets

The first “no download casino” games came in the form of Java applets.  Java is a programming language that allows fully operational programs to run within a computer’s web browser without the need to download a full software suite. 

These online casinos without download requirements displayed primitive graphics and had limited game mechanics.

Also, since the applets did not access a server, they could not access player information and could not be used for “real-money” play.

Today, many of these Java-powered no download casino sites have just as many features as any fully packaged software.  Also, the stability of the Java platform insures that players will not lose any game data during play, nor are they at risk to display sensitive information to outsiders.

Casinos Without Download – Adobe Flash

Advances in software, including the popularity of Adobe Flash, enabled online gaming sites to allow players to play games with full graphics for real cash, without the need to download the full application. Flash-based casinos without download were also more convenient for players on the go.

Instead of downloading an application into every computer that they used – work, home, desktop, laptop – players could log on to their accounts through the Flash applications on the no download casinos’ entry pages.

No download casino sites powered with Flash could give the player the look and feel of the best online casino software, without the need to download any new software.

Casinos Without Download – Mobile Phone Gaming

Recent advances in mobile phone technology have also enabled players to play on “no download casinos” on their phones. Software developers have created gaming applications for Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Blackberry’s mobile phone operating systems.

With these apps, players can carry all the action of their favorite casino games in their pockets.

Most mobile phones allow players to access “no download” casinos through the phone’s web browsing system. These apps work in much the same way as Flash-based casinos, without downloading an entire app onto the phone’s computer.

Casinos Without Download – Conclusion

Although downloadable applications are still at the core of online casino technology, the popularity of “no download” casino is on the rise. These casinos without download requirements allow players to access their favorite games through the convenience of their web browsers.

In any case, online casino gaming is becoming the fastest, most secure and most convenient means for players to press their luck at the virtual tables.