Online Video Poker

Since the advent of the first microchips in the 1970s, video poker games have become a staple of casino gaming.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of poker hands can play video poker.  The game also has enough versions – from “Jacks or Better” to “Double Double Bonus” – to keep video poker players entertained for a long time. One of the first games to make the jump to online casinos was online video poker. Players who started out in casinos quickly began to play video poker online.  Since most of the computer programming was already in place with the first video poker machines, the transition to online video poker was not a difficult task. The Gambling Planet Guide to Online Video Poker will help players learn about the different video poker games and the different strategies required to play video poker online successfully.The guide also contains advice on how to find the best video poker site for your needs and bankroll.

How to Play Online Video Poker

The object of online video poker is to get the best possible five-card poker hand. The hand ranking follows standard five-card draw – pair, two pair, three of a kind and so on.  

Games of video poker online start with selecting a bet amount. You can bet from one to five “credits” per hand.  The more credits you bet, the more you can win on that hand.

When you have your first five cards it’s time to decide which cards to keep and which ones to throw into the virtual muck. Press “hold” on the cards you’d like to keep and then press “draw”.

Now you have your final hand and can compare it to the payout table.

Video poker games often have different payout amounts for different hands.  Depending on the online videopoker game, the lowest winning hand could be a pair of jacks or three of a kind.  

The best possible hand is a Royal Flush (ace, king, queen, jack and ten, all of the same suit).  

The best video poker site will often pay a huge jackpot to players who make a Royal Flush.

Online Video Poker Rules

Most internet casinos have a variety of online video poker games.  When you play video poker online, you should be aware of the different types of games and rules available.  

Some of the more common types of online video poker games are:

  • Jacks or Better: This game uses the standard deck.  The lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks.
  • Joker’s Wild: This game uses the standard deck plus a joker, which can be used in place of any card. The lowest winning hand is a pair of kings.
  • Deuces Wild: This game uses the standard deck.  Twos (deuces) can be used in place of any card.  The lowest winning hand is three of a kind.
  • Bonus Games:  This game uses the standard deck.  Games such as “Bomus Poker”, “Double Bonus” and “Double Double Bonus” give higher payouts for four of a kind.  The lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks.

The best video poker sites will often have these games, as well as some other variations.

Online Video Poker Strategy

Smart players who play video poker online recognize that the game requires a measure of strategic thinking.  One of the keys to success at video poker online is to bet as much as possible per hand.  

Online video poker games typically give out higher jackpots on the top winning hands when the player bets the maximum amount.

The other strategic concept that online video poker players use is to check the payout tables, specifically the payout amounts for straights and flushes.  

Most Jacks or Better video poker games pay nine times the bet for a flush and six times the bet for a straight.  The best video poker site will offer a wide range of payout amounts, but the “9/6” payout is the best for the players.

The big strategic question, however, is what cards you should keep and which ones to discard.

In our video poker strategy section we go through what to hold to maximize the profit.

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Online Video Poker Tips

The best hand in almost all video poker games is the Royal Flush.  

Online video poker games pay huge jackpots on Royal Flush hands, so experienced players know that they should draw to this hand whenever possible.  

Players will often discard winning hands to draw to a Royal Flush because of the tremendous payouts.

As with most casino games, another helpful tip to remember when you play video poker online is to play within your means.  Beginners at online video poker should play the “free play” games or play for the smallest amount possible.  Even the best video poker site will offer free games to new players to bring them up to speed on the game and the software interface.

But what is the chance of getting a royal flush and raking in that massive jackpot?

In our probability section we look at the odds of getting dealt a winner.

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