High Roller Casinos - A Gambler's Guide for High Rollers 2024

For a town that’s in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas has always shown a peculiar fondness for “whales”. Why? Well, most high rollers out there have huge bankrolls and love to risk it all, whether at the boardroom table or the gaming table. Want to play with the rest of them? Below we offer our full guide and rank the best high roller casinos online, designed to suit the "whales" in online gambling.

Finding the Best High Roller Casinos

The internet is awash with high roller casinos beckoning players to walk into their virtual casino doors to play the wonderful online casino games that can leave them in the running to play for big bucks. Yet, sadly not all of them have been created equal and many of them fail to live up the expectations of many high rollers out there. Many of them out there which claim to be high roller casinos are not equipped with the right features, games, and bonuses to categorize them as ‘High Roller Casinos’. Luckily, our online gambling experts at Gambling Planet have spent copious hours researching and reviewing multiple online casinos in order to put compile a dedicated toplist for you to find exactly the right ones to play at.

The Best High Roller Casinos

Now, as you read our guide, you might be wondering what makes the best high roller casino in the first place. Well, basically, this boils down to several different factors that benefit whales in the long run. Typically, the best high roller casinos will have mainly two things going for it: extravagant online casino bonuses and a wide array of online casino payment options which accept the transfer of high amounts of money into players’ casino accounts. Other than these two things, you can also expect to find excellent reward schemes, cash back offers and free benefits such as stays at Vegas hotels and more.

Why play at Gambling Planet’s High Roller Casinos?

  • Online casinos tend to cater more to whales;
  • You can cash in on the best online casino bonuses;
  • There are a variety of online casino payment options to transfer larger bankrolls;
  • Casino Games offered to high rollers tend to have larger min and max bets than usual.

Start Living the High Roller Life & Reap The Benefits

Living the high roller life is every gambler’s dream. And with good reason at that. After all, who doesn’t want to live the sweet life and sip on champagne, stay at lavish hotels and prance around in the finest of attire? Now, all this and more is attainable and right from the comfort of your own. All you need to know is how to go about it and how to execute your strategy for becoming a high roller well. Indeed, if you’re knowledgeable enough to work the casinos by reaping the benefits they offer, you’ll be able to head to your internet casino of choice to play all your favorite casino games and walk out of their virtual doors with more money than you dedicated to your bankroll in the first place.

The Luxurious Life of an Online Casino High Roller

highroller casinosTypically, high rollers at land-based casinos will work really hard to build their invaluable status at brick-and-mortar casinos. In doing so, they actually recognize the effort put in by the casino’s staff to make their gambling experience enjoyable. And to get recognized themselves, they can often be found giving dealers, waitresses, and the valet exorbitant tips to ensure that they keep rolling out the red carpet for them. Sometimes high rollers will even go through the lengths of hiring private security guards to watch over their valuables, even though 21st century casinos have all the security they need in the first place. And why? Just to get noticed as high rollers who fork out a lot at land-based casinos.

Now, if you happen to fall into the category of players known as whales, one thing you probably haven’t realized before is that you can actually become a high roller by playing at gambling establishments located right here on the net. It’s as easy as opening your browser, clicking on a button and navigating to an online casino’s homepage. And the best thing about it is fundamental that you won’t need to impress anybody in your quest to become a high roller in the first place.

Once you start playing online and you’ve built up your status as a high roller, you’ll be able to lounge about on your Italian leather sofa and sip on champagne in the comfort of your home as you play a high-stakes game of Blackjack online or any other game of your choosing. By depositing a lot of money, you’ll be able to claim a larger high roller bonus and cashback offers to keep you rolling around in dough and at certain online casinos, you’ll even be offered the luxury of free trips and hotel stays too.

The Coveted High Roller Bonus

Among the many benefits, you can receive as a whale playing at an online gambling site are the bonuses. High roller bonuses are the biggest ones that grace the online casino realm. And they’re also definitely the most coveted out there too.

Provided that you’re on the hunt to find an online casino bonus to cash in on, we highly recommend shopping around a bit. If you’re just joining an online casino for the first time, it’s definitely worth checking out the match bonus percentages offered in the Welcome Bonus offer. Essentially, the highest match percentage will boost your bankroll with even more cash in your casino account. And that only means one thing – you’ll have more money to wager and a better chance of beating the casino.

Excellent Promotions & Rewards for High Rollers

Large welcome bonuses aren’t all that are offered by online casinos. There are multiple casino promotions on the web that will make you feel like a celebrity gambler make his/her way down the red carpet. High rollers are generally offered VIP treatment as they work their way up an online casino’s tiered loyalty system. Often, as a high roller at online casinos, you’ll be able to experience the luxury life of the exclusive casino promotions that are only offered to the crème de la crème of gamblers out there, excellent rewards and even free trips and hotel stays at certain online casinos.

Popular High Roller Casino Gameshigh roller casino games

One of the best perks about playing at a high roller casino online, rather than a land-based one, is that there’s a bigger and better array of casino games to play. And whilst you might spend hours trying to scour your favorite brick-and-mortar casino for the right high roller casino game, on the net, it will simply take you a few minutes to find casino games out which suit your bankroll.

High Roller Slots

A few online casino games that often fall into a whale’s selection of casino games include online Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. These casino games tend to have higher minimums and maximums than other games out there on the web such as Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo and many other less played casino games. Take a look below to find out more about each high roller casino game along with its minimums and maximum betting amounts:

With captivating themes, fun music and enough color to catch the eye, Slots games are probably the most popular of all the high roller games out there. Minimum and maximum stakes for these casino games typically vary loads and only online Slots games which have larger bets ranging from $20 to $5,000 per spin actually make the cut as high roller Slots. With their ‘Max Bet’ option and potential winnings which often run into the thousands or even millions, Progressive Jackpot Slots are also considered to be high roller casino games too.

High Roller Blackjack

The game of luck and strategy, Blackjack, is also considered to be a high roller game that many whales can often be seen enjoying at casinos. Online you’ll be able to find an array of Blackjack online tables with different minimum and maximum bets that are typically much larger than you can find at land-based casinos. Beating the casinos at their own game and winning thousands or even millions at this game is not impossible. One of the highest recorded wins at this game is that won by the MIT Blackjack Team with an astonishing win of $50-100 million over the years.

High Roller Roulette

The spinning wheel of Roulette is another game that definitely deserves a mention as a high roller game. And due to the fact that this game is highly popular, you can easily find variants of Roulette online with the right minimum and maximum bets for you as a high roller. The highest Roulette win in history is attributed to a Mr. Pedro Grendene Bartelle who won a whopping $3.5 million.

High Roller Baccarat

Lastly, we must simply mention the game of Baccarat, a posh little number which is extremely easy to learn and manages to reel in a high proportion of high rollers. Find the right high roller Baccarat online table to play at and you can benefit from an extremely low house edge and minimum and maximum bets that suit your bankroll. A notable win to encourage all you keen gamblers to play this game is the amount won by Phi Ivey - $9.6 million.

The Best Payment Options for High Rollers

high roller casinoMany high rollers out there who can typically be found gambling away to their heart’s content in Sin City are often reluctant to play online because they have no idea which payment options to use at online casinos. Yet, if you happen to be a high roller who wants to play online because of the numerous perks you can get, all you need is a bit of knowledge in regards to which payment options are best to use for high rollers.

Basically, when trying to find an online casino payment option to use, it’s always best to look out for ones which state higher maximum transfer amounts than others. Why? Well, simply due to the fact that if you’re looking to transfer a large bankroll, you’ll essentially need a payment option which is capable of letting you do so in the first place. And if you’re looking for one which will still allow you to cash in on the bonus being offered, we recommend that you definitely read the fine print as sometimes certain online casinos will not allow you to claim your bonus if you use a specific type of payment option.

Now that we’ve disclosed the important information you should look out for when trying to find a particular payment option, let’s get down to giving you the most vital you’re seeking – the best online casino payment options to use for high rollers. Among the ones that we’ve noticed accept larger maximum deposit amount are Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union and Visa. However, you will find others out there which will allow you to transfer huge sums of money to your casino account.  


High Roller Casino FAQs

What is a high roller?

A high roller is a gambler who is known for wagering a lot of money at the casino. Typically, many high rollers receive a lot of “comps” from land-based casinos in order to lure them into their casinos.

What’s a low roller?

A low roller is the direct opposite of a high roller. Gamblers who are dubbed ‘low rollers’ are players who typically don’t gamble a lot and choose to play Slots games or table games with fairly low minimums and maximum bets.

What is a ‘whale’?

In casino terms, “whales” are high rollers that spend a lot of money playing, eating, drinking, and partying in Sin City and other major gambling destinations around the world.

How much do I need to gamble to be considered a high roller?

In order to be considered a high roller, you’ll need to bet a certain amount of money. The amount you need to bet at a casino to be considered a high roller typically depends on the land-based casino you’re playing at. Yet, generally speaking, high rollers will spend from $25,000 to $75,000 a year.

Where can I find a high roller casino to play at?

Finding a great high roller casino to play at is tough work. However, it’s not impossible. Fundamentally, all you’ll need to do is have a look at our toplist, read some reviews and make your choice. It's as easy as ABC. 

What are the best high roller games?

The best high roller casino games are the ones with large minimum and maximum bets than average. This will enable you to risk more when betting, but gain more as a result. A few online casino games you’ll find that have high minimums and maximums include Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette.

What are the perks of being a high roller at a land-based casino?

High rollers who opt to play at brick-and-mortar casinos typically get a number of ‘comps’ when they’ve reached VIP status. These include a special casino host, lavish hotel stays, access to special VIP events, access to high roller tournaments, celebrity meetings, free-flowing alcohol and more.

Play at a Highroller Casinos & Start Winning Big!

While you might have thought that the prestigious high roller status was reserved for gamblers with large bankrolls who chose to gamble at brick-and-mortar casinos, you can now head to an online casino confidently knowing that you’ll be able to cash in on all the perks that are offered at their digital replicas. And the best part of it is that you don’t even need to spend several hours traveling to step foot in a Vegas casino to enjoy a bit of gambling fun and WIN BIG! So go on, choose a casino from our list and start having a whale of a time! You won’t regret it.