Online Keno 2023

Online Keno is a fun game that is both very easy to learn and very much like playing the state or national lottery. If you have ever played the lottery, you will catch on to the game quickly. Yet, provided that you haven’t, fret not the game will only take you a few minutes to learn. Below our online Keno guide delves into all you need to go about playing the game from rules to strategy. We even give you a list of casinos to get your casino bonus too. 

Our Keno Casino Reviews

No matter if you’re a gambler on the go or one who prefers playing the lottery-based game from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be glad to know that online Keno is hosted at the lion’s share of online gambling sites found on the net. In our list of ‘Best Keno Casinos’ above we’ve compiled a few reviews of the crème de la crème of online Keno casinos on the web. By reading a few of our online casino reviews, you can tell exactly which ones offer the best bonus, array of games, customer service, payment options and more.

Why play online Keno?

  • You can enjoy a game of Keno at a click of a button from wherever you are;
  • Playing the game of chance can help ease your boredom and even win real money; 
  • You can play online Keno with an online casino bonus
  • The online casino payment options offered make it extremely easy to transfer your bankroll to and from an online gambling site.

Keno Online & at Brick-and-mortar Casinos

online kenoThe lottery-based games Keno, Bingo and even Lottery itself all bear one common aim; predicting the numbers which you think will be drawn in order to win the prize. And just like Bingo, Keno is played using a card both online and offline. However, a Keno card is actually different to the one that’s used in Bingo. Typically, Keno cards are labelled with the numbers 1 through 80.

During the game, a gambler must pick numbers from 1 to 15 numbers to place bets on. After the spots are picked, Keno balls are drawn by the machine. The numbers that are come up are then compared to the ones that have been marked by players on their Keno cards. Payouts are given to players who have managed to hit the numbers.

How to Play Online Keno Games

Since Keno resembles the state lotto, as well as other familiar games like Bingo, the rules of the game are completely clear and easy to remember. Online Keno also has a number of different versions for new players to try out. However, for the most part, you’ll find that the rules are generally the same. The structure of Keno online is much like Keno in land-based casinos. A Keno game board contains the numbers 1 through 80. Players buy tickets with the same numbers on them and select up to 15 or 20 of the eighty numbers.

The online Keno software also selects 15 to 20 numbers from the board. A player can also buy a “quick pick” ticket with pre-selected numbers rather than choosing their own numbers to play. If a number on the player’s ticket matches one of the numbers on the online Keno board, the player makes a “hit”. Players win at Keno online depending on the size of their initial bet and how many “hits” they have on their tickets.

The odds are extremely slim on getting all ten select numbers as hits on a ticket, so the game pays on a graded scale on the number of hits. The game displays the minimum and maximum payments available based on the bet sized and number of hits.

Online Keno Tips

Many Keno players, both those who play in live casino and those who enjoy Keno online, sometimes forget that success at Keno is all about luck. Whether the Keno game uses a hand-cranked basket to retrieve numbered balls, an automatic ball sorter or a computerized random number generator, each number has an equal chance to be drawn over any other number, regardless of how many times that number has appeared in past drawings.

The key to enjoying online Keno is to remember that it is a game of both pure luck and immediate fun. Players often enjoy using numbers special to them to make their selections. Birthdays, anniversaries, or uniform numbers of their favorite sports stars are often great sources of “lucky numbers” for Keno players to make their picks.

Another important strategy Keno players often use is the amount they choose to bet. Some players may choose to bet big to win big, while others bet small in order to extend the experience. An observant Keno player checks the bet sizes and payout schedule that best fit his bankroll. If you’d like to learn more about the strategy used in Keno, we suggest having a look at our Keno strategy page where we give you more tips and even explain the odds to you.

Practice by Playing Keno Online Free Games

keno onlineOnce you’ve read up on how to play Keno as well as some strategy tips you can employ while playing the game, the next step you should take is to practice the game using our free Keno game at GamblingPlanet which you'll find in our free casino games section. The great thing about our free game is that you won’t be required to download any kind of software to play. Besides that, you can use our free play money too.

Alternatively, if our free casino game is not to your liking or you’d simply like to try out another variant of the game, you’ll also be able to find the game at multiple online gambling sites too. Many of them will require you to download software and sign up beforehand. But some of them will actually offer you the opportunity to try the game for free through their browser-based casino site.

The History of Keno Games

Unlike that belonging to online Slots, Keno’s history is one that spans centuries. In fact, its history can be traced to 200 BC when the ancient Chinese ruler, Cheung Leung of the Han Dynasty, invented a game which bore a strong likening to Keno. As the story goes, Leung’s city was engulfed in war for several years. As a result, it was running out of money and supplies. Due to this, its citizens didn’t want to contribute to war funds at the time. Hence, Cheung Leung opted to create a lottery-based game with 120 symbols on it instead of numbers. The city’s residents loved the game and paid money to play it, in effect, helping to save the city. The game’s popularity grew in China and it became known as the White Pigeon game.

The game of luck is thought to have been transported to America from China during the 19th century. Many historians have drawn the conclusion that the game was transported by immigrants who were brought over to aid in the construction industry in America. Eventually the game, which was initially played by the Chinese, was dubbed the ‘Chinese lottery’. This is due to the fact that the game was still played using symbols rather than numbers.

When the State of Nevada legalized gambling in the early 20th century, the game of lottery was not legal to be hosted and played at casinos. Due to lottery’s popularity at the time, this disappointed both gamblers as well as casino owners who wanted to cash in on the game too. Hence, casino owners came up with a solution in order to bypass the law and offer a similar game to lottery. Their solution was changing the game’s name from ‘Chinese lottery’ to ‘Horse Racing Keno’. The premise of the game was really similar to lotto with a twist. Gamblers who engaged in this game had to pick a horse with a number in the hope that their horse was randomly selected. After this change, the government changed the law again and Horse Racing Keno was adapted to what it’s known as today, Keno.

Over the course of the 20th century, Keno earned a special place in the hearts of many gamblers and the game began being offered in two forms Live Keno and Video Keno. And as the internet came into play in the 90s and internet casinos became a thing, an online variant was born. This is of course known as the very subject of this article, online Keno.

Keno Online FAQs

What is Keno online?

Keno online is a digitalized version of the original game of Keno that’s typically found at land-based casinos around the globe. The game is played using a keno card and a blower which contains 80 balls. When playing the game, gamblers must choose from 1 to 15 (or sometimes even 20 numbers) to place bets on. Provided that a player manages to hit a number, the player will be given a payout.

How do online Keno games work?

When playing Keno online, players also have the option to choose how much they want to bet on each ticket. Most online casinos allow players to choose to play for one, three or five dollars per ticket. Players can also purchase one, five or ten tickets at a time and can choose to play the same numbers over several drawings by clicking the “Repeat Bet” button.

Are there different types of Keno online games to play?

There are many different types of Keno online games to play apart from the classic version of it. Typically, the ones you’ll be able to find online are Hot Zone Keno, Superball Keno, Baseball Keno, Roulette Keno along with a few more variations.

Do all online casinos have online keno for real money?

While we can’t say that all online gambling sites have online Keno for real money, we can also say that the majority generally do host at least one version of this casino game.

Where can I find Keno online free?

Free online Keno games can be found in every corner of the web starting from right here at GamblingPlanet to many other online casino sites on the net.

Is online keno safe to play?

Yes, online Keno is safe to play. Each online casino game is typically rigorously tested prior to being hosted at an online casino site. This is done as to ensure that the game uses a standard random number generator (RNG) and that the Keno game being offered to customers is fair. If you’d like to learn more about the safety practices that are utilized by online casinos, we recommend heading to our safe online casino page.

Play Keno Online for Real Money

When it comes to choosing online casino games to play for real money, online Keno is definitely one of the best choices you have, especially if you prefer playing games of luck. The casino game guarantees that you’ll have hours upon hours of fun, even if you hardly have any knowledge about the game. It’s just super easy to play. Provided that you’d like to play online Keno for real money, our toplist makes it easy for you to actually pick one out a site which hosts the game. And better yet, we also display the different bonuses being offered in order to enable you to pick a site that offers the best match percentage to help you double or even triple your bankroll!