Online Keno

Online Keno is a fun game that is both very easy to learn and very much like playing the state or national lottery. If you have ever played the lottery, you will catch on to the game quickly.With the Gambling Planet Guide to Online Keno, you will learn how to play Keno online in just a few minutes. Since Keno resembles the state lotto, as well as other familiar games like Bingo, the rules of the game are completely clear and easy to remember. Online Keno also has a number of different versions for new players to try out. The Gambling Planet Guide can direct you to the Best Online Keno Games at the best casino sites.

How to Play Online Keno

The structure of keno online is much like keno in land-based casinos. 

A Keno game board contains the numbers one through eighty.  Players buy tickets with the same numbers on them and select up to ten of the eighty numbers.  The online Keno software also selects twenty numbers from the board. 

A player can also buy a “quick pick” ticket with pre-selected numbers rather than choosing their own numbers to play.

If a number on the player’s ticket matches one of the numbers on the online Keno board, the player makes a “hit”.  Players win at Keno online depending on the size of their initial bet and how many “hits” they have on their tickets. 

The odds are extremely long on getting all ten select numbers as hits on a ticket, so the game pays on a graded scale on the number of hits. 

The game displays the minimum and maximum payments available based on the bet sized and number of hits.

Online Keno Rules

Just as with a local or national lottery, online Keno players can purchase multiple tickets and select different numbers on each ticket.  However, unlike with government lotteries, which may run drawings a few times a week, Keno games run their drawings several times a day. 

When playing Keno online, players also have the option to choose how much they want to bet on each ticket.  Most online casinos allow players to choose to play for one, three or five dollars per ticket. 

Players can also purchase one, five or ten tickets at a time and can choose to play the same numbers over several drawings by clicking the “Repeat Bet” button.

Online Keno Tips

Many Keno players, both those who play in live casino and those who enjoy Keno online, sometimes forget that success at Keno is all about luck. 

Whether the Keno game uses a hand-cranked basket to retrieve numbered balls, an automatic ball sorter or a computerized random number generator, each number has an equal chance to be drawn over any other number, regardless of how many times that number has appeared in past drawings.

The key to enjoying online Keno is to remember that it is a game of both pure luck and immediate fun.  Players often enjoy using numbers special to them to make their selections.  Birthdays, anniversaries, or uniform numbers of their favorite sports stars are often great sources of “lucky numbers” for Keno players to make their picks.

Another important aspect of Keno is bet sizing. 

Some players may choose to bet big to win big, while others bet small in order to extend the experience. An observant Keno player checks the bet sizes and payout schedule that best fit his bankroll.

Play smart, win big, and have fun!

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