Caribbean Stud Poker - A Guide to Play Online 2024

Caribbean Stud Poker online  is a five-card poker game where you’re up against the dealer. It intertwines a casino table game with a five-card poker game, creating a completely new way of having fun at the casino. Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about the game. 

Facts About Online Caribbean Stud Poker

  • Caribbean Poker originated on cruise ships in the 1980s
  • It’s a mix between traditional poker and a casino table game
  • You have to get a hand which is stronger than the dealer’s hand
  • There is a progressive side bet in Caribbean Poker which has a higher house edge

About Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

The objective of the game is simply to produce the best five-card hand. In contrast to regular poker, however, Caribbean Stud is only played against the dealer. The other players at the table have no effect on your game. In this regard, the game is more like Blackjack than poker. It’s is a fast-faced game, played with a deck of 52 cards. It has some great bets to play and also the chance to win a progressive jackpot side bet. All in all, it gives players the chance to have some poker fun without the stress of the competition between players.

How to Play Online Caribbean Stud Poker

The Caribbean poker rules are very straightforward. You do need to have a basic understanding of the poker hand rankings to help you determine whether to fold or not, but apart from that you just have to follow these easy steps:

1) Caribbean poker online begins when you place an 'Ante' bet, which allows you to receive your five-card hand, face up.

2) The dealer also receives a five-card hand, but only one of the dealer's cards is face up.

3) Now it’s time for the player’s only real decision: The player must decide – by looking at his hand and comparing it to the dealer's single face-up card – whether he wants to carry on or fold.

4) If you think your hand is worse than the dealer's, you can fold by clicking on the 'Fold' or 'Surrender' button on your screen. Folding loses your ante bet.

5) If you're feeling confident, you can bet on your hand by clicking the 'Challenge' button. This will automatically double your Ante bet.

6) When you choose to challenge the dealer, the dealer's remaining four cards will be turned face up, and it's time to compare the results.

Caribbean Stud Poker Payouts

In order to qualify, the dealer's hand MUST contain an ace and a king. If it doesn't, and the player wins, the player receives a 1 to 1 payoff on the original ante bet. If the dealer's hand does qualify, however, the hands are compared and you will either win or lose your full bet. In the event that both hands are equal, it's a push, and the bet is returned to the player.

Different combinations in the player's hands produce different payoffs. A royal flush, for example, will pay much more than two pair. These payouts may differ between online casinos, so before you start playing, make sure you’re familiar with that specific casino’s rules.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

You need to make only one decision when you play this game, but that one decision is absolutely crucial so you need to equip yourself with the knowledge to help you make the right one! You are only playing against the dealer, not the other players, do you don’t need to bother with what the other players are doing in any way or form.

The Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive Jackpot

When you play online you have the option to play a progressive jackpot side bet as well. It was one of the first of the online casino table games to feature a progressive jackpot, and it has proved to be immensely popular over the years.

Caribbean Stud Poker Online Free

Caribbean stud poker online2Once you read through all the information regarding the rules, strategy, and the information in this guide, test out your skills using one of the free games provided by the online casino you’re playing at. This is always much better than starting to play for money when you are completely new at the game, or perhaps a little rusty. Most online casinos will have a free play section on their website, and sometimes multiple free versions of the same game as well if you’re lucky. Don’t throw away this great opportunity to practice your new skills as it could really save you money in the long run.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker History

This game is is one of the newer casino table games, having only been developed in the 1980s. It is said to have originated on the cruise ships in the Caribbean. The casino table game and the traditional poker games were merged in order to attract the poker players to the casino games. A professional poker player called ‘David Sklansky’ has claimed that he is the one who came up with this new game with its game rules. However his version of the game was still slightly different to the game which is played today. It has been adapted and appropriated since to be the game that it is today.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker – FAQs

What is Caribbean Stud Poker?

Caribbean stud poker is a cross between a casino table game and the classic 5-card poker game which become popular in the 1980s, and is now an online casino staple.

What are the similarities between online Caribbean poker and regular Poker?

The same poker hand rankings are used in Caribbean Stud Poker, but instead of playing against the other players you only play against the dealer.

Can I use strategy to play?

Although players have only a few decisions to make throughout this game, you can still adopt some strategies in order to maximise the chances of winning in this game. Read through our Caribbean stud poker strategy article to learn about the tips before you play.

Is there a progressive side bet?

Yes, you can opt to play the progressive side bet if you like. But keep in mind that the house has a pretty big advantage when you play this bet.

Play Online Caribbean Stud Poker at Gambling Planet

If you love your poker but want to play a casino game, this game is the perfect fit for you. It’s also great for players who want to ease their way into playing poker eventually as well. Make sure you know the Caribbean stud poker rules and strategy before playing, and then click on one of the online casinos featured in our toplist in order to play. Although the odds aren’t the very best you will find in online casino, it’s a fun game to play every so often.