Online Casino Bonus 2024

Brick-and-mortar casinos may offer all the glitz and glam your heart desires. Yet, they really can’t compare to online casinos when it comes to perks. And some of the best perks in the internet casino realm are none other than online casino bonuses. In our online casino bonus guide below, we delve into everything you need to know about the casino bonuses, how to get them, the different types and the online casinos which offer the best ones out there. Go on and have a read through it, then get your bonus!

Our Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

online casino bonusMost of the major online casino sites offer a wide range of games, in denominations from pennies to hundreds of dollars, and are available to players at any time of the day. However, with such a competitive business environment, many sites will attempt to bring in new players by offering online casino bonus packages. And of course, many gamblers of all bankrolls are more than happy to oblige and claim their very own bonus to give their bankrolls a boost. 

Why cash in on an online casino bonus?

  • You’ll be able to increase your bankroll by a substantial amount; 
  • Bonuses can be used on a wide variety of online casino games
  • By accepting an online gambling site’s ‘gift’ you’ll have a better chance of winning. 
  • You’ll be able to play your favorite game for much longer.

5 Important things to Know about Casino Bonuses

In the wonderful world of online casino, bonuses make the world go round. Each online casino bonus provides both new and existing customers with an enticing boost to their bankroll that can serve them for days. And in today’s world, the lion’s share of online gambling sites offer casino bonuses for the masses to attract online casino clientele. So on browsing the net to find one, you’re more than likely to be spoilt for choice. Yet, before you go ahead and claim one, it's best to know all the nitty-gritty details about them first and exactly what to look out for when choosing one. Below we’ve listed the top 5 things you should definitely consider before selecting your bonus.

1) The Majority of Them Will Require you to deposit Money

Generally speaking, you’ll always have to deposit money in order to claim your online casino bonus at your casino of choice. And the amount you deposit will usually influence how much money you’ll be able to claim as a ‘gift’ to boost your bankroll.

2) They Come with Wagering Requirements

Virtually all casino bonuses out there have wagering requirements which you’ll need to reach in order to be able to cash out. So always read through the terms and conditions to spot them before opting in to receive an online casino bonus at your favorite gambling site. Wagering requirements are typically represented by a number and an X. For example, ’30X’. This means that you’ll have to wager 30 times your bonus amount in order to be able to cash out in time.

3) Bonuses Are Time-Barred

Most of the time casino bonuses are time-barred. Essentially, what this means is that once you cash in on your online casino bonus, you’ll have a specific time period for when it can be used. Sometimes a bonus may be used within 7 days and other times it can be used for 30 days or more.

4) Different Casino Games have Different Contribution Percentages

Although most bonuses can be used on virtually all casino games at the casino (unless specified otherwise in the promotion), different games will have different contribution percentages which will inherently serve you to reach your wagering requirements.

5) Large Bonuses are often Multi-Tiered

Large casino bonuses are often multi-tiered and redeemable in different parts. Casinos that are bigger than average often have 3 or even 5 different parts which will require you to place a deposit each and every time and enter a specific code in order for you to be able to receive the bonus money.

6) Bonuses are usually Capped at a Certain Amount of Money

Usually, you’ll see the words ‘Up to’ in an online casino promotion which indicates that a bonus is capped at a certain amount of money. For example, ‘100% Welcome Bonus Up to $300’ would mean that you’ll be able to cash in on a welcome bonus with a match percentage of 100% up to a deposit of $300. 

Types of Casino Online Bonuses

casino bonus onlineProvided that you’re new to the world of internet casinos, you might just think that casino bonuses are just limited to welcome bonuses which are used as incentives to reel in customers. And if this is the case, we’re here to tell you that you are completely wrong. There are many other online casino bonuses you can claim, should you wish to. Below we go through all the different bonus types you’ll most likely come across throughout your online gambling journey.

Welcome Bonuses

The online casino world is absolutely full of casino bonuses. Yet, the most popular ones out there are definitely Welcome Bonuses. These type of bonuses offer players the opportunity to sign up at an online casino and claim a bonus just for registering their details. Typically, welcome bonuses are offered in the form of a match percentage and will require you to deposit a minimum amount of money in order to claim the casino bonus.

Match Casino Bonuses

The most popular bonus which online casinos offer is the “matching” casino bonus. Casino sites will match the amount of the player’s first deposit and place it in a special account. For instance, if a player deposits $100, the casino will place $100 in a special casino bonus account.

Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is one which is given to you by the casino for a certain duration of time but is not redeemable once you meet its wagering requirements. However, these kind of bonuses are still useful and will offer you hours of gameplay.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonuses are often given to players in order to keep their bankroll going and in order to retain existing players as customers. In order to be eligible to claim loyalty bonuses, you must keep playing at the same casino for a substantial amount of time.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

A Refer-a-Friend Bonus enables an online casino’s existing customers to refer friends to the casino by sending them a unique link which invites them to sign up. Provided that a customer does sign up to the online gambling site, the existing player who has sent the link will receive a special refer-a-friend-bonus to boost his/her bankroll.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins Bonuses are typically offered to players as an incentive to play specific online Slots games that a casino is trying to promote. When awarded with Free Spins, a player will benefit from a number of free play spins.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Sometimes online gambling sites will offer players exclusive bonuses that are only available to redeem via mobile. Casinos often advertise their larger casino bonuses as an incentive for players to start playing on their mobiles. Typically, this kind of online casino bonus will only be displayed on mobile and won’t even be seen on an online casino’s desktop site.

No Deposit Online Casino Bonus

Another popular bonus incentive only requires that players open an account, but does not ask the player for a deposit. This bonus online casino provides is known as a “no deposit” casino bonus. The “no deposit” bonus allows players to play with money provided to them by the online casino site itself! In other words, the online casino bonus pays the new player to try out the site!

The “no deposit” casino bonus is a great way to take advantage of some of the other great online casino bonus offers available at the major online gaming sites. The main restriction to this bonus online casino offer is that the player must play through the bonus money; sites often do not allow the player to cash out the “free money” without placing bets on the various games.

Online Casino Bonus Comps

One bonus online casino sites have borrowed from their land-based counterparts is the idea of “comps”. A comp, short for “complementary”, is a casino bonus gift for players that play frequently and for high stakes. The more often the player plays and the higher the player’s bets, the more comps a player can earn. Online casino bonus comps can include merchandise, trips, and cash.

As with the brick-and-mortar casino bonus program, the player earns casino bonus “points” for their play. The higher the bet, the more points each bet earns for the player. Comps are a bonus online casino sites can give players that they can redeem for real-world goods and cash, rather than virtual rewards.

Casino Bonuses & Customer Service

casino bonusesCasino bonuses and customer service are certainly two of the most important factors when deciding where to play. Very often the quality of an online casino’s customer service is a sure indication of the level of commitment a company has to its clientele. So checking whether a site has reputable customer service is definitely a must. After all, if you ever experience a problem when trying to claim your online casino bonus, you’d want to know that someone - and perhaps more specifically a live person - will be there to address your concerns and solve your issues. Most reputable operators have 24-hour/ toll-free helplines to deal with customer problems. This is often complemented by email support as well.

Casino Bonus FAQs

Where can I find a casino with bonus?

You can find an online casino with a bonus on this very page. Each casino in our list gives players one of the best bonuses around just for signing up and depositing the minimum amount of money.

How do I claim an online casino's bonus?

Claiming your online casino bonus is extremely easy. All you need to do is sign up to your online casino of choice, opt-in to receive the casino bonus or enter a bonus code (this depends on the casino) and deposit a minimum amount of money to your account. Once you’ve done so, your bonus will be displayed in your online casino account.

Do I always need to make a deposit to be eligible for a casino bonus online?

While most bonuses will require you to deposit a minimum amount of money to your online casino account, there are a few bonuses that won’t require you to do so. Amongst the lot are No Deposit Bonuses. As the name implies, you won’t need to transfer any amount to your online casino account. All you have to do is sign up by registering your details to the site and opt-in for the bonus by ticking a box or entering a special bonus code. Find out all you need to know about no deposit bonuses by reading our No Deposit Bonus Casinos guide.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are represented by a number and an X, for example, 20X, 50X etc. Each wagering requirement is a multiplier of a bonus that was given to the player and represents the amount that must be wagered before a player can cash out his or her winnings.

Do I need to read online casino bonuses terms and conditions?

If you’d like to make the best and most informed decision about the online casino bonus you’re about to choose, we suggest that you do read the terms and conditions of your bonus. The fine print frequently contains the most important information about the bonus offer including how long it’s valid for, the wagering requirements, the minimum deposit you’ll need to make in order to redeem the bonus and the maximum bonus amount you’ll be able to claim too.

Are casino bonus codes always needed to claim a bonus?

No, you won’t always need to enter a bonus code in order to claim your only casino bonus. Sometimes you'll just have to tick an opt-in box.

Can I use my online casino bonus on all games? 

You can usually use your bonus on all the games at an internet casino. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the casino bonus will only be possible to use on online Slots, online Video Poker, and table games for example. Each casino reserves the right to be able to include what the bonus can be used on. So always makes sure that the online casino bonus you're claiming is valid to be used on your casino game of choice prior to opting in to receive your it. Generally speaking, the online casino games that the bonus is valid to be used on will be listed at the bottom of the promotion in terms and conditions section.

Do online casinos offer casino bonus rewards to their clients?

Some online casinos offer casino bonus rewards to their loyal customers to show them that their patronage is appreciated. Provided that this is of prime importance to you, you should always make sure that your online casino of choice has a rewards program in place that you can take part in from beforehand.

Do all online casinos with bonuses have customer support? 

One of the most important things about choosing an online casino bonus is making sure that the site has customer service because you’ll definitely need to talk to someone provided that something was to go wrong. If an online casino you come across doesn’t have customer support, we highly recommend that you steer clear from signing up.

Double or Triple Your Bankroll with a Casino Online Bonus & Start Playing Today

The online casino realm offers a plethora of casino bonuses out there which can help you double or even triple your bankroll. And essentially, all you need to do to claim one is take your pick of the litter and choose one. Yet, don’t be so quick to randomly sign up at a site and deposit your bankroll to claim your casino bonus. Evaluate a site’s casino bonus by reading up on the terms and conditions, how long it will last and its wagering requirements.