The Best Online Bookmakers 2021

Welcome to Gambling Planet. We are a team of betting experts looking to pass on some of the important knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. We still bet and look for the best sports betting bonuses, and so in many ways, we are in the same boat as you. bigstock Online Sports Betting Mobile A 428707448 removebg previewEasy Resize.com1

The significant difference is that we do all the leg work and research, so you can then visit our site, read the reviews, and pick a betting site that you can trust and enjoy.

All our recommended bookmakers are fully licensed and provide a top-class betting experience. But as you will find out, there are many factors in finding the right site. That’s why Gambling Planet is here to help. Read on as we explain why we are your new expert partners in betting.

Why You Need Us 

1. Highest Standard

The online bookmaker world is a competitive place, with many top betting brands trying to catch your attention. As with most things in life, there are good and bad sites and positive and negative experiences. It’s the same with betting. We aim to ensure you always enjoy a positive experience when betting online. We carry out reviews of the highest standards and offer our expert opinions to make sure you always sign up for the best online betting sites.

2. Team of Experts

Our expert team has been immersed in the betting world ever since it turned online, and some of us were around during the time of paper betting slips as well! It’s fair to say that we know how the betting industry works and what you need to enjoy the best possible experience. Fair bonuses, best-value odds, deep betting markets, and betting tools are all important. Our betting goal is to pass all our expert knowledge and experience to you in simple bitesize chunks.

3. Analyze all the new & best sites

One small yet important fact is that no one top bookmaker suits everyone’s betting needs. You need to join the best betting site for you. Take time before you sign up and find the right bookmaker sportsbook. You can analyze all the best sports betting sites and check which one aligns with the betting markets you want to bet on, the bonuses you want to claim, and your banking preferences. It’s the little things that add up to make an enjoyable betting experience.

Qualities of a Good Bookmakers

The qualities of a good bookmaker can be summed up in a handful of features. Yet, there are smaller details that make up each of those. So knowing what a top bookmaker site looks like is not a quick job. There are checks to make before you get your new bookmaker login details.

Thankfully, we do all the hard work and research for you and wrap all that up in easy-to-read bookmaker reviews. Read on as we dissect each of the main parts in our sportsbook reviews and explain how they can guide you to the best betting sites online.

How we review bookmakers

  1. Betting Markets - We check to make sure all the popular betting markets are available, along with the opportunity to dig deeper into the more technical side of betting. We like to cover everything from 1x2 markets and over/under points to Asian handicaps and player specials. We believe that in-depth coverage of betting markets is essential in finding those high-value bets.

  2. Sports Type - A long list of sports helps to keep your betting options open. You may only enjoy betting on American football or baseball, but it’s always helpful to know that other sports are available with the right level of betting markets. First and foremost, you want to join a bookmaker that provides the sports you want to bet on. You can use our review and sports type section to make those checks.

  3. Odds Comparison - Making sure the right sports are available at your next online sportsbook is an important check. The next key check for our reviews is to make sure the betting odds align with the industry, or better still, they offer better value than most others. You may as well get the best return on your bets, and our odds comparison section gives you our expert opinion on the odds offered at each of the top betting sites. 

  4. Licensing and Security -  One vital piece of the review is the licensing and whether the bookmaker is officially recognized as a sports betting platform. You can leave the technical details to us and quickly check the legitimacy of all bookmakers and offshore betting sites. We know which of the licenses to trust, and we only ever recommend the best betting sites anyway, but it’s still an essential part of our reviews. bigstock Mix Icon For Evaluation Resea 432861914 removebg previewEasy

  5. Mobile Platform - Betting on the go has now become a natural part of the online bookmaker experience. Most bets are directly placed on mobile devices and via a bookmaker app, so we check to see if the bookmaker provides a fluid mobile betting experience. Easy access, quick loading of betting markets, simple navigation, and betting options should be available on your mobile device. Don’t worry. We check it all.

  6. Live Betting | In-Play - Live betting is one of the most exciting and thrilling parts of any online sportsbook. Being able to place bets during the live-action of any top sports event, whether you are sitting live in the stadium or watching from the comfort of your own home, in-play betting is a key feature for any fan. We check the depth of markets and the ease of access to ensure the live betting experience is up to scratch.

  7. Sportsbook Features - Betting features not only make your experience more exciting, but they can help to keep you in profit as well. The cashout tool has transformed the online betting environment, but many more innovative features and tools are introduced every year. We review the current state of the betting features at each site and make sure you have a clear view of what to expect.

  8. Promotions - Promotions and betting bonuses can help make a difference in your time at a betting site. Free bets are big business, and so it’s important to know that your next sportsbook is a site that actively promotes the latest betting bonuses. Ongoing loyalty promotions, free bet clubs, freebies, and all sorts of deposit-based offers can be expected. We review the promotions from the top down and highlight all the key points.

  9. Customer Support - A friendly and knowledgeable customer support is an undervalued feature of the best online bookmakers. You may not ever need to speak to them, but knowing they are there, ready and waiting, is a reassuring fact. We check all the support channels are included, such as live chat, email, and telephone. FAQ sections are also valuable, and so we evaluate the inclusion and depth of those too.

  10. Banking - You wouldn’t get very far without funding your betting accounts, making banking another vital feature. The key point here is that you need to check that your payment preferences are met at your next bookmaker. Does it provide the banking methods that you already use? Are the limits in line with your budget? Can you get your winnings back quickly? We check all these questions and more.

Why Trust Us

Firstly, the team at Gambling Planet has a vast amount of betting knowledge and experience to draw upon. But more importantly, we are all betting fans ourselves, so we understand what you want from your experience. The internet is only going to get bigger, and more betting sites will appear. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out which is the best site. Use our expert opinions and make an informed decision from a list of top bookmakers. Better still, you may get some exclusive welcome bonuses as well, which will make your first days at the site even sweeter!


Why should I follow Gambling Planet reviews? 

We are loyal betting fans, and so we understand what betting people want. Our reviews are designed to give you a clear and concise overview of each bookmaker so you can make the right choice.

How do I know that my money is safe? 

We only recommended fully licensed betting sites. Betting licenses ensure that all users can expect a safe and secure betting experience with the correct business practices in place.

Who is the best bookmaker out there right now? 

There is no one best bookmaker out there. Some bookmakers focus on particular sports, while others are better for bonuses and odds. You need to find the right site for you and your style of betting.

How easy is it to get my winnings? 

Retrieving your winnings is a simple process at the best online sports betting sites. It usually takes anywhere from 1-5 working days and depends on the type of method you use, with e-wallets generally being the quickest.