Slots Strategy

  • Determine your losing limit for the day. Once that limit is reached, go do something else. You will not be a winner every time you play.
  • The machine will not feel bad if you spend a lot of money and don't get anything back. Try not to spend all of your time on a machine that isn't paying out.
  • When things are going your way and you're on a lucky streak, take advantage of it and bet more. When you're slumping, bet less.
  • Keep in mind that the total amount of the credit bet has actually nothing to do with the chances of winning on that machine.
  • Try not to overdo it. Find a machine that suits your bankroll. If you have $43, don't play the $20 machines. Look for a dollar machine, and have some fun.
  • Don't forget to cash out the credits you've accumulated. Sounds obvious, but a lot of people forget!
  • Always play what you know. Don't sit down at a machine that you're unsure of the way to win. Do a bit of homework and always be prepared.
  • Slots should be fun. If you're frustrated and panicky, walk away. Get an ice cream, feed the dog, anything. A calm cool head will prevail.

    Keep these tips in mind. You want your Slots experience to be a positive one. If you would like to learn a bit more about the odds in Slots, check out our Slots Probabilities page.

Winning Slots Strategy: How to Approach the Game

As with any game of pure chance, there is no real effective strategic system for winning at slots. You will probably, of course, encounter someone who claims to have developed the 'fool-proof' slots strategy system but please, ignore such advice.

The game is random and arbitrary. The machines have no memory, so there is no effective way of outsmarting them. Instead what we've done here is compiled a list of "tips" that will hopefully maximize the odds of you at least walking away happy as well as enable you to do everything you can to increase your chances.

You should always be looking for the machines that have the highest payout. You want to find anything above 95%.