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Here at Gambling Planet we care a lot about our players, so we make sure that we only recommend safe online casinos. However, there are things you can do as a player to ensure your own safety as well. Read on to learn more.

Safe Online Casinos:

  • Have a regulatory body ;
  • Have their games audited by external software regulatory bodies;
  • Have a good customer service offering;
  • Use good software providers;
  • Have taken all the necessary measures to secure their own website.

About Safe Online Casinos

When it comes to playing online casino games it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Many people get very confused trying to decipher the difference between a good and bad online casino. A safe online casino will have certain features and checks in place which you will find outlined below. You can also choose an online casino from our toplist which we have already filtered out for you, and you can rest assured that we only recommend the safe reputable ones to play at.

How to Find a Safe Online Casino to Play At

Playing at safe online casinos is not very difficult to do if you know what to look out in order to identify and separate the safe online casino from the dodgy dealers. Read through the steps below so you know how to figure out which online casino will keep your information safe, use games which are not rigged towards the online casino, and which ones pay out all winnings to customers promptly and with fairness.

1) Know the Licenses and Regulatory Bodies Issued to Online Casinos

safe online casinosThe first thing you can do to see if you’re playing at safe online casinos is to check out the licenses and regulatory bodies that are auditing the casino. These bodies are typically listed at the very bottom of the website, or under the security and safety section of the website. The main gambling authorities are Malta, the UK, Gibraltar, Isle of Mann, Curacao and Antigua. Do some heavy research or choose another online casino if the online casino is not regulated by one of these authorities. What this means for you is that the online casino is checked and audited, and they cannot run off with your money or tamper with the online software of privacy regulations. If you do this simple check, then you’re on a good road to avoid suspicious operators.

2) Learn About the Software Used by the Online Casino.

There are softwares and there are softwares. Most online casino games have been developed by a handful of known online casino software providers. The most known providers are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech. There are also other known ones like Cryptologic, Boss Media, GamblingSoftware, Rival Gaming, Realtime Gaming, Party Gaming, and OpenBet. It’s always better if the online casino is serviced by a known online casino game s software provider.

3) Know the Software Regulatory Bodies

Just like there are regulatory bodies for online casinos, there are also regulatory bodies for online casino software companies. There are software auditing firms that will ensure that the software used to play games are not rigged in any way or form. These are normally listed at the bottom of the website alongside the licenses and regulatory bodies issues to the online casino. You need to look out for eCogra, TST or Gaming Associated. If the online casino you are playing at has absolutely no auditing body listed on its site, then you should really stay away from that particular website.

4) Understand Your Legal Restrictions and Don’t Cut Corners

Some people are situated in places with a lot of legal restrictions. You may be tempted to cut some corners to find an online casino that accepts you. As exciting as it is to find a place to play, remember to only give out your details to ones that are legally operated as you could be breaking the law. You also need to make sure that it is legal to play at an online casino where you are located geographically. 

5) Understand Who Owns the Casino

Who runs and owns the casino should be very apparent on the website. This is normally found in the section ‘About Us’ on the website of the online casino. You should be able to trace exactly who the online casino belongs to and if this information is very unclear or murky, then there is a reason (a bad one!) that the information is not being presented to the players.

6) Check that the Website Is Secure for Safe Data Transfers

The website of the online casino also needs to be secured in order to have safe transfers or your private data and money. In the URL you should look for ‘HTTPS://’. The ‘s’ here stands for secure, and it’s important to make sure that this is present. Another way to check the safety of a website is to look for the lock symbol, which is proof of a websites authenticity.

7) Ensure that Data Transfers Have End to End Encryption

You also need to check that they have encrypted data transfers to keep your details safe and private. You should be able to find this information out in the safety and security section on the website, and perhaps also in the FAQ section.

8) Check the Customer Service Available

safe online casinos usa2A not so obvious way to check the safety level of the online casino you’re playing at is to look at the customer service offerings. If the online casino has a 24/7 customer support team that you can email or call, then you’re normally playing at a legit online casino. Even a customer service team operating normal working hours is fair game (some operators are a bit smaller and can’t have a 24/7 team). However, if you find that the only way to contact customer service is through one email, and that’s it, then you should be on the alert. There should always be a few options to contact real people and the response time should be decent.

9) Check that the Online Casino Offers Known Payment Methods

Safe online casinos will always be partnered with reputable payment options companies as well. Look through the list of accepted deposit and withdrawal options, and if you don’t recognise any of them then it’s best to look for another online casino to play at.

10) Look Through Your Bank Statements

If you are a regular, or even not so regular online casino player, then you should go over every bank statement with a fine toothed comb to ensure that there are no suspicious withdrawals on your account, and also that the amount you entered in the online casino when you chose to make a deposit is in fact the correct amount that had to be deposited. You should do this to make sure that no extra amount is being taken from you that you don’t know about.

How to Increase the Safety of Your Private Details

Apart from the checks mentioned above to ensure the safety of the online casino you’re playing at, you can also take some extra measures to keep your own private details safe as well. It is always helpful to employ the following advice:

1) Change your password often
2) Make use of extra security checks like questions
3) Don’t click on spam online casinos that appear in your junk mail

Safe Online Casinos – FAQs

How safe are online casinos?

It’s extremely safe to play at online casinos as long as you are playing at the right ones, and know how to differentiate the safe online casinos from the rogue ones. Read through our tips above to ensure you never play at an unsafe online casino ever again!

Where can I find safe online casinos to play at?

The best place to start is by looking through the online casinos featured in our toplist. We only recommend online casinos that we have checked thoroughly already.

Is playing at a mobile casino safe?

There is no difference whatsoever between playing on mobile or playing on desktop, what really matters is the safety of the online casino itself.

How can I tell if an online casino is safe?

You can tell if an online casino is safe by checking that they are licensed by a known gambling authority, have audited their online casino games by an external software auditor, have reputable and known payment options, a high level of customer service, and a secure website and encrypted transactions.

What are the signs of a rogue online casino?

When an online casino is unsafe to play at there are usually some tell-tale signs to look out for such as very bad customer service, no licenses featured on the website, no secure transfers on the website, a difficult to trace owner, amongst others.

Play Your Favorite Games at Our Safe Online Casinos

Here at Gambling Planet, we have reviewed all the online casinos already and we believe that our customers safety and security is of the highest importance. Browse through the online casinos listed on this page in order to find the safest online casinos to play at, with the best games as well!