Multiplayer Blackjack

While we all know of the success of online poker tournaments and the popularity they have achieved, you may not be aware that some people are trying to replicate the success of these tournaments by expanding the tournament structure to Blackjack.

Already common in Vegas, Atlantic City, and the Caribbean, Blackjack – yes, Blackjack - tournaments are becoming increasingly popular. Blackjack players are often just as enthusiastic and competitive as their poker-playing counterparts and several industry execs, and the public, have taken notice. To capitalize on this interest, online destinations featuring multiplayer Blackjack and regularly scheduled Blackjack tournaments are popping up in increasing number.

What some describe as potentially the biggest gaming development since the online poker craze took off a few years ago, multiplayer Blackjack has several advantages over its traditional format. Players can play with friends and people from all over the world at tables, which can sometimes include up to 8 players (but, 5-player table formats seem more common). Friends, family, or gambling acquaintances can create their own tables, chat with each other, and duel it out for prize money. In multiplayer Blackjack and Blackjack tournaments, players are no longer playing against the house but instead, against each other and, ultimately, for that lucrative jackpot!


Tournaments are usually carried out as follows: after paying the buy-in and house fee (amounts vary from site to site and from one tournament to the next), each player receives 1,000 new chips. Players cannot accumulate chips from one level to the next. The buy-ins are put into the prize pool and the House keeps its fee(s). The tournament’s winner is then the player who has collected the most chips at the end of the game. Buy-in amounts, House fees, no. of players, no. of hands per level, no. of levels, etc., all vary according to the tournament structure. Players who lose all of their chips are eliminated.

If you enjoy playing Blackjack and want to try out this new variety or, you have never been too much of a fan but the thought of competition inspires you enough to give it a shot, check out some of our profiled sites below which feature multiplayer tournament Blackjack.