Casino Features

In the early 1990s, the first internet casino sites began appearing on the World Wide Web. Many of them used primitive graphics, contained poor gameplay mechanics and did not have the capability to allow players to play for real money. With the advances in technology over the last two decades, players can play on any internet casino site at any time of day from their desktops, laptops, and even their mobile phones.Gambling Planet is a specialized source of news, reviews and information on the internet casino industry. Our guides can teach you about the most popular internet casino games, such as blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Our reviews on the various internet casino sites can also inform you as to the newest promotions, bonuses and other incentives these sites use to bring customers through their virtual doors.

Internet Casino– How it Works

If you’ve ever had any experience using online sites for shopping, banking or investing, then you’ll be familiar with the process behind creating an account with an internet casino.  These sites allow new players to fill in a form and create their own individual internet casino account.  The player can also create their own unique screen name and, in numerous cases, a graphical avatar to represent them at the tables.

In some instances, the application form at an internet casino may require applicants to submit financial account information, either from their credit cards or their bank accounts.  New players should always be sure that any form that requests such sensitive data is a secured form, which protects the transmission of such information from hackers.  The web addresses for these forms always start with “https://”, rather than the standard “http://”.

Internet Casino– Free Play

One enjoyable aspect of most online casino sites is that they allow new users to play with “play money” chips.  Players can uses these chips at special “play money” tables to learn the process behind the games, try out new strategies and to become accustomed to the software interface.  Players should always try out the “play money” games before spending any real cash at the tables.

Also, players can try new and exciting games at the “play money” tables.  If players are familiar with baccarat, but want to try blackjack, they can try the “play money” blackjack tables at their favorite internet casino to learn the game. Once players become acclimated to the game mechanics, speed and graphics, they can move on to the real-money games. 

Internet Casino– Promotions and Bonuses

The internet casino industry is one of the most competitive in the entire business world.  Many sites try to attract new customers, as well as keep their current players happy, in order to grow their bottom lines.  Mot major internet casino sites offer bonuses, gifts, and even free cash, to bring in new players.

The most popular incentive internet casino sites use to entice users is the “matching bonus”.  The site operators will place an amount in a “bonus account” equal to (or sometimes multiples of) a player’s initial deposit.  As the player plays the real-money games, the site tracks his play.  When the player’s total bets reach a particular plateau, the software releases the money from the “bonus account” into the player’s real-money account as a reward for continued play.

Internet Casino– Conclusion

An internet casino can be an exciting and convenient alternative to the travel and expense involved in visiting a land-based casino.  Internet casino players can also gain an education on the various games in order to prepare for their next trip to their favorite gaming destination.  Internet casino sites also allow players to play for little to no money on their favorite games for hours of fun and entertainment.