Craps Strategy

This page is intended to give you tips and general advice on how to perform best whenever playing Craps online.

Because Craps - online and off - is a game of chance, no one can affect the outcome of the game itself. However, there is still plenty of room in the game for applying a Craps strategy or two, or three. After all, it is no coincidence that the best players in the world share similar ways of playing, including the various online Craps strategies they employ.

Poor players, on the other hand, have a nasty habit of repeating the same errors time and time again.

So before you risk one more penny, be sure to review the following online Craps strategies we've provided for you below.

Practise these techniques at any of the top online casinos and you too can become an outstanding player sooner than you think.

Craps Strategy No. 1: Play Smart and Maintain Discipline

Many people fail to pay enough attention to this simple yet intelligent Craps strategy. Every individual player should set a limit on how much he or she is aiming to win, and how much he or she is prepared to or can afford to lose.

Most experts agree that 20% is the average amount that players leave at a Craps table. If you are planning to turn $300 into $600, you'd better be less ambitious.

First golden rule: set yourself modest goals.

Inexperience is a common source of disappointment. Having said this, your online Craps strategy should include making certain that you understand the game perfectly before wagering money. There are plenty of opportunities to practise playing without risking any money, such as free Craps games online.

Like a competitive sport, gaming is about preparation and training. The more prepared you are with Craps strategies, the better results you can expect.

Craps Strategy No. 2: Manage Your Bankroll

In order to become a successful online Craps player, you should set up an effective money management system.

No matter how well (or how poorly) you are doing, you must set your loss-limits and then adhere to them. You should always remind yourself that there was a very good reason why you set this particular limit for yourself. If ever you are to exceed that limit, it is very probable you will regret your choice in the long-term.

Of the better Craps strategies out there, one entails setting your betting unit at a 1/20th of your bankroll, preferably 1/50th. Play a $5 table with a bankroll of at least $100-$250. The main idea is to give you space to be down a little in order to gain more afterwards.

However, if you play with less money, you risk maxing out before realising the potential of your bets.

Craps Strategy No. 3: Select the Correct Bets

Another vital, as well as efficient, online Craps strategy involves having a good understanding of the smart bets on the table. This, you'll be glad to know, is actually easier than it sounds.

There isa limited number of bets in which the house has a low edge in the game of Craps. You may refer to our Craps probabilities page to familiarise yourself with each bet and its odds.

Broadly speaking, it is a good idea to stick with Pass Line bets backed by free odds, Come Bets backed by free odds, and place bets on the six or eight. You can also benefit from learning to hedge your bets when you are to make more complicated wagers.

However, there is no perfect online Craps strategy!

If you opt for a hedge betting approach, it decreases the volatility of the game, while significantly limiting your potential wins. In a nutshell, if you happen to be a hedge better, there will not be as many down-spells that could bottom out your bankroll.

If you are winning, you will end up with less than you would have without hedging.

But remember, hedging doesn't affect the house's edge. The casino will still have an advantage.

Craps Strategy No. 4: Stay Cool at All Times

It is important to keep a cool and level head, as you will be better able to cope with pressure that way. A lot of players believe this is the most important and effective Craps strategy of all.

Again, you should not raise your betting unit until you are ahead of everyone in the game by a large margin. If not, then try to double your bankroll.

Whichever Craps strategies you choose to use, have fun. That's the most important part of playing Craps.

The best of luck to you!