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If you are a Canadian online casino enthusiast looking for the best online casinos specifically tailored towards Canadians, then read on below to find out the top casinos with the best games.

Canadian online casinosEven though the legislation changes from province to province, and there are tighter regulations than elsewhere, the Canadian casino industry is literally booming bringing in millions of dollars a year. With dozens of land-based casinos, over a hundred thousand slot machines, and many other kinds of gambling outlets, the casino industry is thriving. However when it comes to online casinos the laws are not so clear, so there is a very limited amount of online casinos which are actually run out of Canada itself.

This is where we come in. At Gambling planet we have reviewed all the online casinos available for our Canadian customers and we have listed the very best ones in our online casino toplist on this page. If you want to learn more about the individual online casinos, please go over our online casino reviews. When you play at our Canadian online casinos featured on this page you get to play at the very best casinos, have access to payment options relevant to Canadian online casino players, as well as countless exciting online casino games that have great sound and graphics, and can be played on multiple mobile devices.

We also ensure that the online casinos featured are regulated and tick all the boxes in regards to their auditing requirements and complying with the law. We want to make sure that our players are playing only at online casinos that are fair and pay the winnings which are due to players.

Our Canadian Online Casinos Have:

  • Payment options relevant to Canadian online casino players;
  • Games Canadians love to play;
  • Great bonuses and rewards;
  • Top notch graphics;
  • Brilliant mobile playing options.

Canadian Online Casino Legislation

canadian online casinos legislationIt is quite difficult to determine whether online gambling is legal or illegal as this changes from province to province, and the law itself regarding gambling is extremely murky, at best! Before 1969 in Canada it was illegal to bet on anything at all except for say some horse betting and the odd lotteries for charity, to give you some examples. In 1969 there was a change in the federal law regarding gambling, and it was then allowed the ten Canadian provinces to hold their own lotteries. Fast forward a few years and there was yet another change in the law. In 1985 the federal government decided to allow the individual provinces to make up their own mind regarding how they wanted to approach legalities around gambling.

What this now means is that there are different regulations all around Canada. However in the criminal code it does state that the provinces are allowed to establish various gambling outlets. Each province can determine exactly which games are allowed, and some provinces allow casino games, horse betting, and slot machine games for example. So while there are now some casinos operating from within Canada, and literally thousands of slot machines, online casino territory is still quite confusing. What is important to know though is that it is perfectly legal for Canadian players to gamble and play their favorite online casino games from within Canada, and it is legal for them to play at offshore online casinos which are not Canadian-based companies. Where the law is unclear is about the operating of online casino within Canadian borders, but there are no laws preventing players from playing online at foreign online casinos.

This is similar to what Americans may experience (although definitely not as limited). In 2006 the US changed the online casino legislation to make it illegal for financial institutions to process transactions from online casinos, so although it is illegal for financial institutions to process online casino payments, it is not illegal for players to play online.

Canadian Payment Options

Canadians who want to play at online casinos are in luck as they have multiple payment options at their disposal. Unlike players in the US, financial institutions do not have any legal restrictions for processing deposits from players or transferring winnings to customers either. If you are a Canadian wondering which payment method is the best one for you then you have the best ones to pick from. You can use Visa online casinos, MasterCard online casinos, paypal casinos, instadebit casinos, and more. One of the most popular payment methods used by our online casino players is interact casinos.

Canadian Online Casinos – FAQs

Is online gambling legal in Canada?

Online gambling is 100% legal for all Casino citizens. There are no restrictions whatsoever on where Canadians can place their bets online. The laws regarding gambling are for people who wish to operate an online casino or land-based casino, and those laws are decided by each individual province in Canada. There are few online casinos that operate out of Canada itself, but as a player you are free to play at all other online casinos featured on the toplist on this page.

Who can play at a Canadian online casino?

Anyone at all can play at a Canadian online casinos, there are no restrictions whatsoever on players so you have nothing to worry about. 

Where can I find the best online casinos in Canada?

If you wish to play at the very best online casinos for Canadians, the ones which have the best games, payment methods you can use, Canadian dollars, as well as great graphics and sounds, then take your pick from the online casinos you can find on our toplist. If you want to know more about them individually then read up on them in our online casino reviews page.

Which payment options are available at Canadian online casinos?

When you play at a Canadian online casino you can make deposits and withdrawals using any payment option which the online casino you are playing with allows, there are no payment method restrictions for Canadian citizens like there are for US citizens.

Play at a Canadian online casino available at Gambling Planet

If you want to play at the best online casinos for Canadians then we have you covered here at Gambling Planet. We have reviewed all the best online casinos and featured only the very best of those on our toplist. Browse through the online casinos featured and take your pick, they have everything that Canadian citizens would want in an online casino: amazing games, variety of payment methods, ability to play in Canadian dollars, and more.