Bingo Strategy

/assets/images/inner/bingo.gifBingo, as we've said before, is a game of chance; so, ultimately, winning depends on luck more than anything else. Yet, it'd be wrong and foolish to say that there aren't ways to improve one's chances of winning through smart decisions.
What we've compiled, below, are some basic and common Bingo strategies that could go a long way towards improving your Bingo success rate and your overall enjoyment of the game. More experienced players are probably already familiar with most of these concepts and suggestions, but a refresher never hurt anyone and beginners should find the information quite useful. Some tips are more obvious and/or useful than others, but they're worth repeating here, nonetheless.

Check back often as we update our 'Bingo-Strategy' section.

Popular Strategies

Use the 'Auto-Daub' Function
We know it takes away the only 'skill' involved in the game in the first place, but consistent use of the 'auto-daub' feature, if available, is perhaps the most strategic decision you can make. Yes, it removes some of the excitement and mental aspect of the game, but it also eliminates the possibility for errors!

Play More than 1 card
Yes, it costs more, but playing several cards is perhaps the most sure-fire way of improving your odds of being able to yell out 'Bingo' and collect some of those prizes. Choosing how many cards depends on 1) the number of players involved 2) the cost of each card, and 3) the prize money at stake. Experts suggest four cards as the optimal number, but this can vary depending on the number of opponents you're facing and the total prize money for which you are competing.

When playing with more than 1 card, pick cards that differ as much as possible

According to this 'strategy', if you're playing with more than one card, it's best to make sure that each card has different numbers which aren't duplicated on other cards. The theory here is that if a number that you have on more than one card doesn't come up, you've compromised the value of more than one card. In other words, spreading out the numbers spreads out the risk and keeps you in the game longer!

When playing with more than 1 card, pick cards that are as similar as possible
The opposite of the more conservative spread the numbers/risk strategy above, this strategy is also known as the numbers-concentration method. The idea here is that if you select cards with as many duplicate numbers as possible - which is easily done online - you can double or triple up each time you hit a number! Essentially, you're maximizing the benefit of each lucky strike.

Choose games with Fewer Players
While a game with fewer players means smaller prizes, it also means that you have a better chance of victory than at larger games with more players. We know it sounds obvious but, seriously, you'll improve your chances of winning if you follow this guideline. To achieve this, try signing-on to sites during 'down' hours when less players are logged in and playing.

Go After the Big Prizes

We know this flies in the face of our other strategy tip ('Choose games with Fewer Players') but each suggestion has its merits. By going after the big jackpots and prizes, yeah, you're probably then choosing to play games with more players (=less chance of winning). However, you're also making sure that when you do win, it's a BIG win! So big, perhaps, that it covers your losses from several previous exits.

Chat Room Games

To supplement your winnings or make up some of your losses, try playing in any number of the chat room games online. Often, these games, which play while the normal game is running, can feature some nice bonus dollars and can be a lot of fun.