Amex Casinos - A Guide to Using American Express

American Express is one of the rarer online-casino payment methods, but there are still a few Amex casinos online. If you’d like to make an Amex casino deposit, we have the complete list of online destinations available.

American Express Casinos:

  • Are mainly for American players who are holders of Amex cards;
  • Accumulate rewards points every time you make a deposit;
  • Are great if you want to play at a high roller casino.

About American Express

Amex casinosBelieve it or not, American Express was founded as a company in 1850. It is a giant in the financial services industry, and forms part of Dow Jones. Although American Express (or Amex as it is often called, combining the two words ‘american’ and ‘express’ together). They have some pretty impressive figures behind them as well. They are ranked at number 86 on the Fortune 500 rank, they have 112.8 million cards in use around the world, they are ranked at number 23 at Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for, have $181 billion in assets, as well as $33.4 billion in revenue. So all in all, they are really one of the giants when it comes to global financial services.

Advantages of Using American Express Casinos

Using Amex is the best option if you are a high roller and playing games like online baccarat which require larger deposits. It is one of the few payment methods which also has a rewards scheme attached to it, meaning you can accumulate points used for other things like travel, gifts. You can play your favorite online casino games whilst helping yourself go on that holiday to Barbados.

American Express Casino Deposit

AMEX online casinos are a good choice for those who want to make a quick, hassle-free, secure, Amex casino deposit. AMEX is one of the world's most trusted companies – when Interbrand and Businessweek ranked the most valuable brands in the world, AMEX finished in 15th place. As far as safety is concerned, AMEX casinos are naturally on top of their league.

If you want to make a deposit using Amex as a payment option, then select American Express/Amex from the list of payment options available once you are logged in to your online casino account. From there you enter your card details such as your name, card number, expiry date, and the CVV number (the three digit number found at the back of your card). Once your card details have been entered, you then type in the amount you want to deposit, any bonus code you may have attached to that particular deposit, and the desired amount should appear shortly in your online casino account. That’s all there is to it and you’re ready to play whichever game your heart desires.

Withdrawing from American Express Casinos

Although you can sometimes make deposits with at an Amex online casinos, none of them allow you to make withdrawals to your AMEX account. In other words, you are allowed to make deposits with your AMEX credit card but when you’d like to withdraw your winnings you have to choose another payment method. However there are many other payment options to choose from, take a look at our comprehensive list of payment methods in order to learn about some alternative options. We list the best online casinos for each payment method on the individual page if you are interested in making payments with a particular payment option in mind.

Loyalty Rewards Scheme

amex casinos rewardsAmerican Express card holders are in luck as they can earn a host of benefits every time they make a payment at American Express casinos. You earn points every time you use the card, and can then exchange those points for things like gift cards to use at big brand shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, an American Express gift card, and more. You can also cover your card charges for smaller purchases by using your points. One of the best benefits for most people is the ability to travel using the points accumulated from playing at American Express casinos. The more points you accumulate the bigger trip you can gift to yourself. You can also transfer your points to a partner loyalty scheme such as to be used on Expedia to book holidays, to the Hilton Honors rewards program, or the British Airways rewards program. Finally, you can also purchase many day-to-day items from their catalog in exchange for your points.

Transfer Times

One of the benefits of playing at American Express casinos is that you don’t have to wait for days on end for your deposit to appear in your online casino account. We all know that when you are logged in and ready to make a payment, you are ready to start playing immediately. You don’t have to worry about any lag time as the money will appear instantaneously in your casino account. As you are unable to withdraw money with an American Express card you have to choose another payment method to withdraw.

Safety & Security at American Express Casinos

As mentioned earlier, American Express has been in the business of providing financial services since 1850. As a result, they have completely mastered the art of providing their customer top notch safety and security measures when they are making payments. They have state of the art fraud protection layers, as well chip technology in all of their cards to add that extra level of safety for users.

Customer Service at American Express Casinos

As can be expected from a financial services powerhouse like this one, their customer service team is ready to respond to your questions and queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can call them or write to them. There is a dedicated FAQ section on the website for questions that you find answers to quickly. They have also dedicated sections on the website for common problem areas such as: ‘forgot login’, create an online account, replace my card, confirm my card, see all personal cards, open a dispute, free credit score, and travelling soon. You can also sign in to your account, and chat with a customer service representative online.

Amex Casinos – FAQs

Are Amex casinos safe?

Amex casinos are completely safe and secure, due to the high profile of the company, their long history providing financial services, and their consequent state of the art technology used in order to keep their customers safe when their use one of their cards.

Can I withdraw money at Amex casinos?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to withdraw money, only make a deposit using this payment method.

What if I can’t make a deposit or withdraw money at Amex casinos?

If you are unable to find any online casinos that you like that accept American Express cards, or you can’t withdraw you money using it, then you have numerous payment methods available to use as well. Check the online casino you’re playing at for a list of the payment methods available for deposits and withdrawals. If you have a particular online casino in mind read through our online casino reviews to learn more.

The Future of American Express Casino Payments – Play Online Today

It’s nice to see that a major credit-card provider still tries to cater for its casino-playing customers. Even though the options are somewhat limited, there are a couple of AMEX sites to choose from. Unfortunately though, the list of AMEX friendly casino sites likely won’t grow in the near future – unless the U.S. government decides to radically change their view on online gambling. All in all, AMEX is a great deposit option, but it would be even better if withdrawals were allowed and more casinos were available to play at with this payment method.