Online Casino Accepting US Players

The growth in the US casino industry over the last two decades has been nothing short of a phenomenon. From the megaresorts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City to the small Native American tribal casinos that have sprouted up in nearly every state, US casino rooms have done a brisk business since the 1980s.

The advent of online casinos has also created an opportunity for US casino players who don’t have the means to travel away from home for their gaming excitement. Online US casino rooms have also grown with the newest technologies available. US casino customers can now take the action on the road as they play their favorite games on their mobile phones.

US Casino Rooms – Fun and Games?

The Gambling Planet Guide to Online US Casino Rooms examines and reviews the various online casino sites that still provide hours of entertainment to American customers.  Check out our reviews and evaluations of the sites that do offer US-based players the chance to have fun and win cash at their favorite games. 

Many of these sites give US casino players a wide choice of games, including blackjack, roulette, craps and slots, as well as some other specialized bets.  These sites also give players some of the best promotions found anywhere in the industry.  Most sites that allow US casino customers to play are not based in the US, but are hosted on internet servers in different nations around the world. 

US Casino Rooms – Deposit Options

Due to some recent legal developments, most US casino players cannot use their credit cards to make deposits to their favorite US casino rooms.  Instead, they must use other options to deposit funds into their online casino accounts.  US casino customers should check out the range of options for both their fee structures and for how they handle deposits and withdrawals from their online casino client sites.

One option is the prepaid credit card.  Players can purchase these cards at drugstores or convenience stores.  The cards function like gift cards and can carry some high fees, but can be very useful for making deposits at US casino rooms. 

Another option is the “e-wallet”.  These online transaction facilitators act as intermediaries between US casino customers and the online gaming sites.  These services also charge a fee (either a flat rate or a percentage) on all deposits and withdrawals.

US Casino Rooms and the Law

The primary hurdle that stands between US casino rooms and American customers is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.  The UIGEA prohibits US-based banks from allowing US casino players to conduct transactions with overseas-based online gaming sites.  The law stops American players from using their checking accounts or credit cards at most online casinos.

However, the legal landscape is changing around the country.  Many states are looking at state-run online gaming sites as a remedy for their economic woes.  Each state would allow residents in that state (but not those outside its borders) to play on their site.  As of this writing, New Jersey may be the first state to allow US casino players to play online casino games.  California, Nevada and Florida are also considering legalizing online poker.

US Casino Rooms - Conclusion

The best advice that our experts can offer on US casino rooms is “buyer beware”.  US casino players should read through the reviews provided on those few online casinos friendly to American customers and find the site that provides the best games, the biggest payouts and the safest environment.