Video Poker Probabilities

/assets/images/inner/video_poker.gifVideo Poker odds and probabilities depend a lot on which game/variation you're playing and the strategy you're employing. Therefore, it's difficult to provide a clear-cut odds sheet or listing of probabilities that apply to all forms of Video Poker.

However, what we can do, and what we've done here, is provide the odds for being DEALT any of the following hands. Since Video Poker traditionally follows the same odds as 5-card draw, these odds may look familiar to you.

Hand No. of Hands/Combinations Odds

Royal Flush

4 649,740 (to 1)

Straight Flush

36 72,192

Four of a Kind

624 4,164

Full House

3,744 693


5,108 508


10,200 254

Three of a Kind

54,912 46

Two Pairs

123,552 20

One Pair

1,098,240 1.37

No Combination

1,302,540 1


Video Poker Odds Percentages

As you can see, the table, above, gives at least a bit of an idea as to what type of odds you're stacked up against in terms of accumulating certain hands. To sum up the table differently, you're basically looking at:

  • being dealt one pair 72% of the time
  • two pair 5% of the time
  • three of kind 2.2%
  • straight 0.4%
  • flush 0.19%
  • four of a kind 0.02%
  • straight flush 0.001%
  • royal flush 0.0001% So, don't expect to really ever be dealt anything better than a Flush (we're optimistic, we know).

With an idea of the type of odds you're up against from the get-go, you should have a better ability to crunch even more numbers in your head as you move along. This table here is just a start.