Pai Gow Poker Probabilities

/assets/images/inner/paigowpoker.gifWelcome to the Pai Gow Poker probabilities and odds page. Check out the brief explanation of the different kinds of hands and the chances of putting together that winning hand. Keep in mind that this page is meant to merely give you the numerical odds of the game. For tips and ideas on how to become a better player, click on the Pai Gow Poker Strategy Page.

Below, you will find a rundown of the probabilities of getting each of the possible hands. From left to right, you will see the name of the hand, followed by the number of potential combinations of that hand, and next to that, the probability of attaining the hand.

Hand Number of Ways To Make the Hand Probability (%)
Five Aces 1128 0.00000732
Straight/Royal Flush 210964 0.00136862
Four of a Kind 307472 0.00199472
Full House 4188528 0.02717299
Flush 6172088 0.04004129
Straight 11236028 0.07289350
Three of a Kind 7470676 0.04846585
Two Pair 35553816 0.23065464
One Pair 64221960 0.41663862
Nothing 24780420 0.16076246

The odds for Pai Gow are slightly more challenging to determine than ordinary poker due to the fact that both the player and the dealer receive seven cards. These cards are then separated into two hands, making it more complex. The house edge is placed at approximately 2.3%, although in order to play the game as close to this edge as possible, a lot of practice is required.