Blackjack Probabilities

Blackjack probabilities are not nearly as complicated as you might think. In fact, you can substantially improve your odds when playing blackjack by simply developing a thorough understanding of the game.

Unlike most other casino games, blackjack is a game of skill and, as such, can be played to a certain level of expertise. But only once you familiarize yourself with blackjack's mathematical underpinnings can you ever hope to play well enough to beat the house. In other words, knowing a little math can help you win, and relying on dumb luck is... well, dumb!

Below you'll find every speck of info. you'll need to understand and capitalize on the different blackjack odds and probabilities. By remembering as much as you can from this page you'll be better prepared when you size up your chances of beating the house. This will hold true for every hand of blackjack you play, whether it be online or in a traditional, land-based casino.

The table below is a general outline of your chances of busting (exceeding 21) when you hit. As simple as it may appear, you'll be amazed at how you'll be playing (and winning) like a pro in no time!

Blackjack Probabilities of Busting
Hand Value % of busting
21 100%
20 92%
19 85%
18 77%
17 69%
16 62%
15 58%
14 56%
13 39%
12 31%
11 or less 0%
Where Does the House Get its Edge in Blackjack?

Due to the favourable rules in blackjack, especially the fact that the dealer must hit on certain hands and is therefore more prone to busting, many people wonder how casinos can consistently turn a profit at the game. Also, increasingly more and more players are aware of the odds of winning blackjack and, in turn, cashing in like never before!

The "house advantage" - also known as the house edge - comes from the fact that the dealer's hand is played after all the players have taken their turn. Those players who bust lose immediately. After this happens, the dealer plays her hand and if she busts, the players that didn't bust get paid.

Blackjack Odds - It's Boom or Bust

The casino earns its profit from the fact that players who bust lose their bets immediately, even if the dealer goes on to bust as well. Regardless of how favourable blackjack's rules are in a particular casino, or how much the odds are in your favour, this one minor detail always grants the house an edge. Keep in mind this edge is significantly lower than in most other casino games, and for this reason, blackjack continues to be one of the most popular land-based and online casino games.

Remember: it's very important to understand blackjack Basic Strategy if you want to really increase your chances of beating the house time and time again. Also, feel free to check out our Blackjack Strategy page for a useful and easy-to-follow rundown on how you can actually boost your odds of breaking the game. And, no, we're not bluffing!