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Interviews with Astrologers about Cosmos, Luck and Gambling

When we analyze gambling we usually do it from a mathematical point of view. We compare payout percentages with the odds of winning to try to come up with the most beneficial strategies. If you are an experienced gambler, however, you have most certainly felt that something else, perhaps something greater, is controlling your results. You have found yourself in the middle of streaks - both upwards and downwards - that are hard to explain.

Under normal circumstances we would explain these streaks with fluctuation and standard deviation, but not here. Instead we have talked to people that believe that celestial bodies have an influence on our lives. Could they have a point?

Watch out for Mars and Uranus

John Townley Astro Cocktail

Name: John Townley
Site: www.astrococktail.com

Brief Bio: Astrologer/journalist John Townley introduced composite charts and wrote the definitive work on them, Composite Charts: The Astrology of Relationships. He pioneered cycle analysis, including a broad, physical foundation for astrology. He is also the author of Planets in Love, Dynamic Astrology, and Lunar Returns - all found here.

When did you first become interested in astrology?
The late 1960s, published my first book on it in 1973

What prompted you to start blogging about astrology? What was the first blog post you wrote about?
I was a late-comer to blogging, having had my own site with many longer articles and daily world astrology news for some years at www.astrococktail.com. Astrologer Michael Erlewine of Matrix Astrology pushed me into it when he offered me a blogspot. My first subject was locational astrology, but I've covered everything.

Which are the luckiest star signs and why?
Signs? Each has its own kind. From Leo's offhand happy luck to Capricorn's hard-bitten earned luck. It's totally a matter of style, even for those who simply don't accept that there is such a thing.

How do you predict the result of a gambling session by analyzing the cosmic calendar?
According to the personal planetary degrees that are evolving (rising, culminating, etc.) as the action proceeds from minute to minute. Although there are, of course, certain more fortunate periods of greater length for any one individual.

A deck of Tarot cards is packed with symbolism. Is there any symbolism in a regular deck of cards?
The Gypsies swear by the regular deck, so who am I to argue? The tarot is made to heighten suggestiveness and symbolism, but the regular deck is very close in all but the lack of the "upper arcane" added on to the tarot.

Which celestial bodies have an influence on a person's luck?
Jupiter, then the Sun, and more mysteriously and lest reliably the Moon.

Are there times when you shouldn't expose yourself to any risk due to astrology?
Definitely. When Mars (or worse, Mars with Uranus) hits your Ascendant. I have a wonderful/terrible tale of a client who was a hit man, got killed right on schedule despite my specific warning. See the tale at http://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/476

Many gamblers, especially roulette players, have their favorite numbers.
Could you explain the basics of numerology and how it could be used?
It's hard to rationally explain why numerology works so well, but it seems to more than it ought to. Everything I have ever published, in astrology, music, and elsewhere reduce to my basic numbers of 8 and 11. Not sure it's made me luckier, but it seems to be a consistent pattern across my life efforts, whether I engineer it that way or not.

Any final advice for our readers?
Luck, or closely-occurring good fortune and similar events in general, does seem to have variegated but structured patterns. The person who was hottest on the trail of how that might work was biologist and natural theorist Paul Kammerer. He was run out of town by his scientific competitors on trumped-up fraud charges. Then, he allegedly killed himself leaving four typed suicide notes (who types suicide notes?), found on a mountainside near Vienna shot by a pistol through the right temple - he was left-handed. Go figure... Advice? If you do find the secrets, keep your hand close to your chest...

I have seen Jupiter bring spectacular successes in people’s lives

Nina Gryphon Gryphon astrology

Name: Nina Gryphon
Sites: Gryphonastrology.com and Gryphonastrology.com/blog

Brief Bio: Nina Gryphon is an astrologer specializing in helping clients find the right moment to act (known as "electional astrology"); whether for getting married, starting a new business, and - yes, gambling. Nina is also well-known for her ability to answer specific questions using astrology, on anything from romance, money, to lost items.

When did you first become interested in astrology?
In my early teens, browsing through a secondhand bookstore full of girlie mags and long-forgotten books from the 1960s and 70s. I bought a first edition of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs for $7 and have been hooked on astrology ever since.

What prompted you to start blogging about astrology? What was the first blog post you wrote about?
I wanted to reach out to people interested in astrology, and start a conversation with anyone from newbies to hardened astro-fans. My first blog post is lost in the mists of time, but it talked about the history of astrology and using ancient astrological methods to improve our lives today.

Which are the luckiest star signs and why?
If only it were that simple, we would all be multi-millionaires! To determine someone's level of financial and general life fortune, we have to look at their complete horoscope, not just their Sun sign. That is why you see a number of people who have won the lottery jackpot more than once. We all carry our luck with us throughout our lives based on our birth horoscopes.

How do you predict the result of a gambling session by analyzing the cosmic calendar?
There are many methods. Some clients simply ask: ‘When is the best time for me to gamble this month?' And I analyze their best times that month. Others want a more complete answer, and for that I look at their overall life luck by examining their birth horoscope, combined with a year's worth of good gambling dates and times.

Over the years, I have done a comprehensive study of the horoscopes of big gambling and lottery winners, and apply my findings to the charts of my clients to get a sense of their expected good luck. To win a major lottery jackpot, one has to have some rare astrological configurations, but there are many levels of winning that are more accessible to the rest of us.

There have been a number of astrological systems developed for finding the best times to gamble. The effective ones are closely guarded secrets, but even those only do a bit better than average; anyone promising 95% success rates is selling you a bridge. I have some experience in picking horse race winners using astrology, and I picked right about 65% of the time, so this is a long-term proposition rather than a ticket to a quick fortune.

Which celestial bodies have an influence on a person's luck?
Generally speaking, the good planets, Venus and Jupiter, enhance one's luck, while the harmful planets, Mars and Saturn, diminish luck. There are also certain stars in constellations that bring great success. Jupiter is considered the luckiest planet of all, and I have seen it bring spectacular successes in all areas of people's lives, including gambling. Venus is a close second in its positive effects.

Are there times when you shouldn't expose yourself to any risk due to astrology?
Of course! These times will vary from person to person, and I help my clients find such times based on their horoscope. Sometimes these periods are very short, such as a day or two, but one can have a year or more that is not very lucky, as we have all experienced. We have to look at the big cycles the person is going through, as well as the more transient influences around them at any given time. No times are good or bad for everyone.

Any final advice for our readers?

  1. Be skeptical of anyone selling so-called astrological or mystical systems for winning at gambling. If they had the magic bullet system, why would they share it with the rest of us?
  2. Successful gamblers are the ones that win consistently, not necessarily in huge amounts at any given time. Have your chart done and see if you have what it takes either for reliable luck, or for the lightning-bolt megaluck of the one-time big winners.
  3. From an astrological perspective, it doesn't matter what numbers you use as long as the timing is right! If you are in a fortunate period, you will naturally choose lucky numbers.

Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades = Water, Fire, Earth, Air

Jeffrey Kishner Sasstrology

Name: Jeffrey Kishner
Sites: Sasstrology.com

Brief Bio: Jeffrey Kishner is the editor and publisher of Sasstrology.com, a popular blog about the astrology of sex, love and relationships. He is a frequent contributor at AOL Horoscopes, and also offers astrology consultations. You can read about his services at jeffreykishner.com.

When did you first become interested in Astrology?
When I was in graduate school to study counseling psychology, a friend of mine convinced me to take an astrology course offered at my institute.

What promoted you to start blogging about Astrology? What was the first blog post you wrote about?
My friend who introduced me to astrology was very interested in how astrological archetypes play out in cinema. Around 2000, I started a blog called Astrology at the Movies. My first post was about Robert Zemeckis.

Which are the luckiest star signs and why?
Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, planet of good fortune. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign, always looking at the bright side.

How do you predict the result of a gambling session by analyzing the cosmic calendar?
I have absolutely no experience with the astrology of gambling, but I would look at a beneficial relationship between the Moon and Jupiter.

A deck of Tarot cards is packed with symbolism. Is there any symbolism in a regular deck of cards? If so, what are the characteristics of the different suits?
My understanding is that a regular deck of cards is exoteric, whereas the Tarot is esoteric. That being said, the four suits do correspond with the four elements. Hearts are Water (emotions, intuition); Clubs are Fire (inspiration, faith); Diamonds are Earth (material world, money, groundedness); Spades are Air (thought, sociability). Cafe Astrology writes about fortune telling with playing cards.

Which celestial bodies have an influence on a person's luck?

Are there times when you shouldn't expose yourself to any risk due to astrology?
Saturn and Mars are traditionally malefic, which means they have a negative influence. Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation. Mars is the planet of aggression. If either of these planets are strong at a particular moment in time, I wouldn't gamble.

Any final advice for our readers?
I do not gamble, but I understand that it is a combination of skill and luck. You can certainly use astrological timing to choose fortuitous times to gamble, but ultimately your skill is what will carry you through the ups and downs. Don't place your faith in the stars above your faith in your own abilities.


28-Oct-2009, 12:01

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