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Editorial: Sit-n-Go Strategies


For players who enjoy the excitement of a no limit Texas Holdem online poker tournament, but may not have the time or energy to spend hours waiting for the big prizes, the creation of online sit-and-go tournaments has offered a welcome alternative. Instead of vying with hundreds or thousands of players for a piece of the prize pool, players at sit-and-go tournaments only need to be concerned with a single table.

While many facets of no limit Texas Holdem poker strategy may overlap between multi-table events and sit-and-go tournaments, each has their own unique elements. Our guide will provide you with some sit and go tips that will help you in your next single-table tournament

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Speed Kills

One bit of sit-n-go advice that players should remember is that a single-table tournament goes much faster than a typical online poker tournament. The blind levels in sit-and-go tournaments typically run half as long as those in a regular tournament, so players may not be able to sit back and wait for strong starting hands.

Also, when players are eliminated, the table gets shorter and the speed and pressure increase with every hand. Players need a good grasp of poker strategy to understand when to make their moves.

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Hand Selection

As the table gets shorter and the blinds get higher, players with a solid understanding of sit-n-go strategies will often loosen up their starting hand requirements. A hand like two offsuit face cards might not qualify for calling a bet in long, multi-table events, but might be good enough for a raise in sit-and-go tournaments.

However, a piece of sit-n-go advice that applies just as well to multi-table tournaments it the "Gap Concept". The Gap Concept is the idea that a player needs a stronger hand to call another player's raise than he does to open for a raise.

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Early Rounds

Solid sit-n-go strategies in the early rounds are not significantly different from those in a multi-table online poker tournament. Players should use the "tight-aggressive" approach: fold weak ands and longshot draws, but make big bets when they have the best hand or a strong draw. This approach insures that the player will have the odds in their favor when the money goes in the pot.

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Middle Rounds

When the field shrinks to five or six players (assuming a nine- or ten-handed table), the higher blinds will come around the table at a faster clip. Our list of sit and go tips for playing in the middle rounds of a tournament include the "tight-aggressive" approach, but with looser standards for opening the pot for a raise. Since fewer players at the table means that fewer players can beat your hand, sound poker strategy dictates that you open more often and force opponents to define their hand for you.

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Money Bubble

Another useful piece of sit-n-go advice is to play carefully when only four players remain. Only three players see any money, so all of them will only play strong hands for fear of being eliminated one spot short of a payday. Aggressive players may try to steal the blinds and antes before the flop with a small raise, but will fold quickly when faced with a reraise.

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Heads-up

Many expert players believe that heads-up no limit Texas Holdem is the purest form of poker. However, thousands of players in multi-table events will never have that experience. Sit-and-go tournaments offer much better chances for skilled players to match up one-on-one against an opponent. The difference between winning and losing a heads-up match is that the second-place finisher typically earns only half of what the winner takes home.

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Reading Opponents

Some of the best sit and go tips our experts have compiled have nothing to do with cards or chips. In a short-handed or heads-up situation, success often hinges on how well a player can predict his opponents' moves. Since players don't change tables in a one-table tournament, the setup gives intelligent players the best opportunities to study an opponent's betting patterns, the most informative online poker "tell".

Sit-n-Go Strategies: Conclusion

The best way to learn Sit-n-Go Strategies, as with anything else, is with practice. Since sit-n-go tournaments are so short, many players play multiple one-table events during a day; some online pros play several at the same time. These shorter games also help shorten the learning curve for acquiring the needed skills to take down a table full of tough adversaries.


21-Apr-2010, 22:05

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